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Hey everyone!

Just found this site today and thought it was really helpful. I am a newly diagnosed Type One diabetic and I take Novorapid and Lantus.

My family and I haven't had much trouble controlling my diet as we have always eaten healthy but the hardest part I'm finding is having to inject myself with the insulin four times a day. I have always had a mild fear of needles and I have slightly gotten over it but it is so emotionally draining for me to inject myself everyday.

Has anyone else had this problem? And what can I do to help myself?

Thank you!

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cizzy21 2013-09-22 20:54:42 -0500 Report

I also give myself daily injections, 5 each day. Even though I've had diabetes for almost 20 years, I still get annoyed with taking my insulin. Just something I have to do, I keep reminding myself. Hang in there!

silvie mae
silvie mae 2013-09-21 18:20:53 -0500 Report

Welcome to Diabetic Connect!! I hated the shots, but it eventually became a routine part of my life and I had to learn to accept it. I'm pretty sure in time you'll overcome that fear and experience less anxiety about the needle.
I'm sorry you got whammied with the "D", :-( but I'm glad you found D.C. I hope you like it here. I know it has been helpful to me.

Type1Lou 2013-09-21 15:51:57 -0500 Report

It will get better with time. When I had to give myself my first shot, I froze. I knew what I had to do but had the hardest time making my arm obey my intention to inject. It took me about 5 minutes before I could master my fear (that's what it must have been) and inject. I grew up watching my father give himself insulin injections but doing it to oneself is an entirely different process. That was back in 1976. I've progressed from one shot to two shots daily to multiple daily injections (usually 4) and finally went on an insulin pump 2 years ago. It will become routine…just remember to rotate your injection sites to avoid desensitizing tissue at the injection site. Welcome to DC…you're not alone!

ShellyLargent 2013-09-20 11:14:17 -0500 Report

It does seem a little daunting at first. As time goes on, you'll get used to it and it'll be a lot easier. I was that was too when I first started on injections, 13 years ago. I would have to almost give myself a pep talk each time. But after a bit, it was almost second nature to inject. Didn't even blink when I had to do it.

If the multiple injections are something that you just simply don't want to do or it seems like you're not getting used to them, you might want to talk to your doctor about a pump. With a pump. it's basically just one "injection" when you set the infusion, then you're done for 2 or 3 days. There's a few different brands and styles of pumps. You just have to research to find which one works best for you. I've been on a pump for the last 8 years or so and I love it. So much easier and better then injections. It's a lot easier to control your insulin intake and can dramatically reduce wild swings in your blood sugars as long as you test often and properly use the pump. I'm on the Omni Pod system and like it. I also had an Animas (my first pump) and really liked it too.

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