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as a kid I was "husky". as an adult I was down right fat, weighing at one time 325 lbs. got the scare of my life earlier this year when I had a stroke. a few days in the hospital, two weeks in a rehab center and months of out-patient physical and occupational therapy and I am on the road to recovery. of course one of the major changes I made was my diet. I try and eat raw as much as possible (quite frankly the effects of the stroke make cooking a challenge if not dangerous), and keep carbs at about 30 per meal. I occasionally eat fish but no other meats.
well that's the back story … my dilemma is this: I now 165 (I'm 6ft tall) and continue to lose weight. my Dr. suggested I might want to put on 5 -10 pounds as I am now a bit too thin. so how do I do this without screwing up the progress I have made with my diabetes (recent A1C was 6.1)?

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Nick1962 2013-09-20 10:25:39 -0500 Report

Protein builds muscle (which is also weight), and from your posting here it seems like you’re eating a primarily vegetarian diet. There are plenty of protein and “bulk up” supplements out there, but many contain too much sugar and I look at them as “false nutrition”. You don’t have to sacrifice that great A1c, but the only way I can think of is meat and dairy in your case.