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Background: Small community, two competing hospitals, have a PA for a PCP; type 2 for 14 years; controlled by diet, exercise, meds, (janumet and amaryl) additional medical problems, arthritis, bad knees, PTSD, +more;
I am a non-compliant patient for practical words, but in reality, I am one who does her homework and knows what I will do and what I won't do as far as health issues are concerned. Right now, my diabetes is the least of my concerns, because here in SD I am considered a controlled diabetic. However, my PA is at a new hospital and they like to have you use all their testing ideas to the hilt, So she now wants me to travel 200 miles (about $200) to see a neuro-surgeon about some discs in my neck. I don't have that kind of $$ to do. We have several orthos who can and will see me about the discs and manage that care, however, they are not connected directly with the clinic I go to…they have their own clinic. She also wants to order several invasive tests which I have said "NO" to and she keeps on me. I understand and accept that it is her responsibility to do this, suggest this avenue to go down, but I have five major health concerns on my plate now, and these tests and trips are causing great stress in my family. We have no $$, no vehicle that will take a road trip like this, and quite frankly don't understand why I can't see the docs in town until they determine there is nothing they can do,. SO…what do I do? There are few docs in our are, this is a great hospital, good diabetic department, she's a good doc, just can't accept NO as an answer. What do I do?

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Ask more questions. What about the discs in your neck? How bad is the pain? Why do they feel the local neurosurgeons are not worth seeing? Because they are not affiliated with the clinic ? At least they are local. And it won't cost you $200. In traveling expenses. If you can see the local specialists and get there opinion on what is going on, and what your options are maybe you will be less over whelmed. Try to gather as much information on your condition as you can,so what ever your condition is so you can make an informed decision . You can't go by what one doctor say's and let yourself get all stressed out, I have been there more then once. Good Luck! And also congratulations for your wonderful control on your BS. I know you say it is the least of your problems right now but if you weren't in such good control it could be much worse for you, so kudos to you. ( I know I hate that phrase too.)

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