Energy shot lowering my BG?!

By Tiffanymae Latest Reply 2013-09-19 14:27:45 -0500
Started 2013-09-19 01:38:32 -0500

My old jobs required me to work 18 hours a day, which isn't enough time for sleep so I took a 5 hour energy shot type drink and it lowered my blood sugars dramatically. I know that it does so because whenever I had one my blood sugar would drop from. 236 to 72 within an hour without a correction shot. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

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ShellyLargent 2013-09-19 14:27:45 -0500 Report

I don't drink the energy shots, but I get lower blood sugars after taking cold medication, especially Dayquil liquid gel tabs, for some odd reason…

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