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i would love to reach out to every one that is going or has been going through some hard times. I also have been thinking alot here today and i know there is people out there just like me. I know that i have been going through some hard times. Just like a few months ago i stop taking all my meds becuz i keep saying that i dont need them any more and that i am better off with out them. But i have learn was i was wrong i need them. So if you are like me and think that your better off or its hard just remember this there is people out there that u can talk to about things that you are going through. I am just glade that i found this web site becuz for the fact is that i dont have family members that really understand what i am going through. But i am also glade that i have a great boyfriend that loves me and helps me stay on track. Just also remember this if u dont have family or friends that understand what u are going through and if u feel alone and u cant do it any more you have me i will be a friend to you. But u also have great people on here to meet that also would love to be friends with you. know i would love to give thinks to the creators of this web site and to everyone on here. to me your like my family that cares and will help out when i am upset or i need help with understanding on things that i been going through. your always right there and for that i want to say THANK YOU

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tinkerbell54 2013-09-20 08:30:01 -0500 Report

There are alway people to talk to like a teacher, or Ur pastor, or Ur CLery, Ur Priest . Or Ur school consler. Ruth Tinkerbell54

kimfing 2013-09-19 00:17:35 -0500 Report

Very well put. We all go thru ups and downs. Glad you are back on your meds. We are all here for you keep your head up and remember to smile and laugh at least once a day.

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