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I had a Bonemarrow Transplant in 1997. Since I have had it I have had a lot of medical problems. I have had everything from brain surgery(x2) ~ liver problems. I was told in 2012 that after 13 years I was 100% cancer free. I did find out the other day that my donor was told in May of this year they are a diabetic. Has anyone ever heard of this ever happing? I mean diabeties runs in my family but could I have gotten it from my donor as well? I know this might be a silly question. But I do not know everything about diabeties. Maybe I should say I do not know anything about it. Thank you all. I really could use some input on this.

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Congratulations on your cancer free diagnosis!
We just talked about this in another post. Since Diabetes is more classically a genetic and metabolic disorder, it really isn’t “communicable” through transplants, infusions, transfusions, etc. I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure the screening process for such things would eliminate any possibility if there were one. I’m on a donor registry myself, and as long as you are controlled, or controlled through medication you can be a donor for most things. Requiring insulin usually kicks you out. In your case, it’s possible the donor wasn’t diabetic at the time either.
Congrats again!

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