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Baked sweet potato chip breadcrumb battered Zukini sticks.. 90% darkchocolate gluten free pumpkin bread with banana creamcheese frosting.. sugarfree chickpea sugar cookies with vanilla creamcheese filling.. pumpernickle breadcrumbs for chicken cutlets.. misquet flavoring on pork, shrim, steak or chicken with onions and peppers wrapped in letus.. almond flower and truvia pancakes..

I was so down having been newly diagnosed with type one at 22 years old.many years of knowing what real sugar, alcohol and white bread appetizers tasted like. I was devastated I loved cooking Italian. Been only 14 months and I have created a whole new cook book, palat and inspired many of my friends to eat healthy along with me. Everyone should eat as we do.. things we can't eat really shouldn't be eaten anyhoo- if anyone's wanting a recipe they are quick and easy. I would love to share

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