I am really worried? I need to know. Please

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My husband has type 2 diabetes, and he did have a good blood sugar level, but that was two weeks ago, and I don't know what it is now, cause he keeps his test equipment in work bag and forgot it yesterday. Any,way, He is just not looking right, can not put my finger on it, but his mood is very depressed and not him at all. He has had mood swings, but this is more consistent. My question is" Normally he does not take too much overtime, but now he is taking it all and has barely had a day off in 3 weeks, and now he is working the weekend as well. I told him I was really worried about his health and that he really needs to slow down, his health is more important than anything else. Plus he goes in early, and works through lunch (but eats) and then an extra half hour at night so he can get another 2 hours overtime if it is not manditory. Is this just depression or a sign of something more serious? And is working all these hours a contributing factor? Please tell me.

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Richard157 2008-12-24 08:43:27 -0600 Report

Claudia, when I was a college teacher I had a very varied day to day schedule. Some days I taught mostly in the morning and a little afternoon. Other days I taught mostly afternoon and some evenibgs. This inconsistent schedule caused my blood sugar to bounce up and down like a yo yo. With my blood sugar changing so much and so frequently I experienced depression when I had low lows and irritability with high highs. That added up to a lot of stress. Now that I am retired I no longer have that yo yo kind of control and my moods are almost always great. I think your husband may be experiencing some of this because of his schedule. I hope his schedule is more consistent after the holidays. Good luck to both of you!


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Thanks so much; I don't know if it will slow down or not; he works for Embarq telephone and is Install and repair techician; special degree in internet dsl installation and repair. Only one at their location to do that job; big demand. Thanks and Merry Christmas

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I have given my husband all this information; I guess what he does with it is up to him, but I am worried all the time after I saw that accident on tv with the man in the truck who went into a diabetic comma while driving, and my husband is usually on a motorcycle to and from work.

Meridian - 26751
Meridian - 26751 2008-12-20 07:27:17 -0600 Report

I can't speak for your husband, but I am subjected to the, "Can you come in 2 hours early…2 hours late…4 hours early…Saturday?" question almost daily. Just the change in schedule drives my BG crazy. I have to fit in an extra break/snack, I also have to adjust the times I take my meds., as well as the increased fatigue. Overtime for diabetics is a great deal more difficult than it is for a "regular guy." So even though your husband may have a special Christmas gift planned, or in some way thinks he needs to work the overtime, he might want to rethink his decision. I have turned down all overtime requests in the last couple of months and I feel terrific. My life is very consistent and my sugar is very much under control. Since your husband will make his own decisions concerning overtime based on his perceived needs and his personal health and energy, it becomes a decision made between the two of you. All I can say is I opted for health not wealth,

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Thanks so much, that reaffirms my thinking; cause I thought that could be a problem. His problem is, escept for snow,heavy rain, or icy conditions, He rides his motorcycle to work to save gas money, about 45 miles a day. And the fact that he does not like to leave me without a car since I am ill as well. So he had his first serious accident a month or so ago, and his motorcyle was totalled, but he was ok. hit a dear, ran out in front of him.. He has had a bike since he was 14, well he bought a new one that was a couple thousand more than the one totalled, at the same time they gave him a great insurance settlement, but now he feels he has to pay the balance right away. I am worried, now that I think of it, he did not even see that deer and all of a sudden it was right there in front of him. That worries me too. Thanks again. Claudia

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Off to work again, looks rested but still not right. I made an eye appt and a specialist appt. I need him to understand what he is doing to his health. luv;lilmarm

Meridian - 26751
Meridian - 26751 2008-12-24 03:10:22 -0600 Report

It is easy to get caught up in the over time expecially when your supervisor asks you to do them a favor, or they tell you how their back is up against the wall. I just had two days of favor giving, but at least each day was only a couple of hours longer.