Tips for getting through the holidays

Debe Pendice
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I would like to hear for everyone any tips they have to offer to help make the holidays less stressful . Stress is a major part of high BS so any tip may help us…

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2009-01-02 16:40:32 -0600 Report

Search the web for free games, tv shows, radio, videos, youtube. Try to entertain yourself, there are a lot of things to do out there. And download,, they have new riddles, games, interesting facts. Even the liftime, and usa stations have great games with the tv personalities. The web is a beautiful way to take your stress away. luv: LM

Lin Bigknife
Lin Bigknife 2009-07-13 14:54:10 -0500 Report

I plan ahead when I am going somewhere to eat - if it is a "bring-along" I make sure to bring something that is safe for me to eat and full of protein. If it is not, I make sure to carry a larger purse and stock it with healthy snacks (include protein) and have even resorted to eating some of it in the restroom during "breaks" so I will not need to each much that is harmful to my diet. There are many hostesses now who will include health options but I never leave it to chance.

Also I plan an early night regardless of the activites. It is easy to say it is only one night, but with all that goes on in the holiday season, pretty soon you can be run down in a hurry. So be sure to get plenty of rest.

Also,it may be obvious, but be sure not to miss any med doses or shots during this time - your body may usually be able to handle that but with the stress of the season, don't add that. Take meds and shots in a carry case with your testing materials and stick strictly to your schedule.

Hope these little tips help, Good Luck, Lin

2009-07-13 18:49:55 -0500 Report

sorry, i am not eating in a bathroom. that's just downright NASTY.

Avera 2008-12-20 00:22:44 -0600 Report

The thing I do to keep stress away is to read a good book. Many might say they don't have time during the holidays. To that I say…well try and make some time. Not everyone likes to read books, but magazines are good as well.

Actually, this is really just taking some time for yourself. If you can get away from the house, try stopping at your local library where it is nice and quiet. Find a seat in the magazine section for an hour and enjoy the Christmas stories and pictures.

And if you like to imagine things, try walking through the children's section of the library and drop a dollar some place. Then you can spend the day thinking about the spcial joy you might have given the finder.

If you want to do something nice for someone, go through the drawers at your house and find some warm clothes you don't wear anymore. Put them folded nicely in a plastic basket or such. Make a little sign and tape it to the basket that says,"Take what you need." Take this with you to the library especially if you go to a dowtown branch and slide it either into the men's or women's bathroom. You will never see who takes something but you can imagine it during the day. Lots of homeless people spend time at the library.

If you don't want to take something to the library, leave a basket of stuff at a bus stop that is a covered one.

In other words, this gives you something to think about other than stressful things and gives yourself the opportunity to do some good. You will make yourself smile and your actions will also give a stranger a smile.

GabbyPA 2008-12-20 07:04:19 -0600 Report

This is the spirit we should have all the time. Thanks Avera for such wonderful and selfless giving ideas. I used to do secret things for people and sit back and watch them get what I sent and never let them know. I have not done that in a long time. This is a great reminder of the joys that brings and how I need to be doing it again.

gma 2008-12-20 09:24:14 -0600 Report

you make my heart feel good now days everyone is only thinking of them selfs you are a very special person and thank you I was in the self pitty mode Icant do this diet but you made me see there are alot of things to get my mind off of that THANK YOU

Anonymous 2008-12-20 09:24:30 -0600 Report

I love to read. In the past 2 weeks I have read the first 3 books in the Twilight series(my daughter got me into them) and I am reading the last one. Reading is relaxing and takes you away while you are reading. I try to read a little each day sometimes I get so into a book I stay up all night reading. LOL

dj7110 2008-12-20 00:00:58 -0600 Report

the biggest to me is family.. this is going to be the first time in yrs that my family will be altogaether.. my brother is comming up with his kids,, so will be spending time with my bother, sister and Mom as well as all our kids.. went to both concerts this week at local weatch my daughters concerts. all most all schools have plays or concerts this time of year.. weather you have kids or not at your local school going to these can be uplifting.. even the local churches put on plays.. and can be stress relievers..

GabbyPA 2008-12-19 18:12:09 -0600 Report

Just have fun. If you are having a party or giving one....have fun. If you are the host of the holiday meal....have fun.

Realize that you are not alone in the financial crisis, so don't hold unrealistic expectations of yourself and don't spend more than you have. I let go of this, and it was so releaving.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-13 16:22:08 -0500 Report

Me too! In no way can we compete with our kids and other's gifts! But I have found by giving balls, soap bubbles—they love to run all over the yard blowing and chasing! Good exercise and wears themn down too. Just a few examples of looking at life differently. Good Luck, PR

Anonymous 2008-12-19 09:34:06 -0600 Report

I used to stress about the holiday meal, wanting to make it perfect. Now I just do the cooking in stages. This Christmas we are having a roast and all kinds of vegetables. So easy for me. I will make salads and desserts in the morning and then the roast is easy. Also have to make deviled eggs for my husband. Shopping I do not stress about. I love Wal Mart so I can ride the scooter and I did most of my shopping there. A one stop store. I did my tree in stages. Put it up one day, with the lights. Then add ornaments over a weekend. We had one party to go too and I made pasta salad. Easy. This year I am all about easy and comfortable. Trying to have no stress, no gourmet food and no ealborate decoration just one room and the kitchen.

2008-12-19 09:20:12 -0600 Report

I just try to set my mind to the fact that I can't change what I can't change. If I can't afford all the gift giving as I once was able to, I explain this to my relatives. They are very understandable. We are all struggling with finances, medical problems, and other life experiences that we have no control over. Just enjoy the fact that you have family and friends to be around and enjoy the moment.