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Stephanie Joy
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Anyone use the iphone attachment meter I believe it's called BG Star? Reviews? Thx

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r_w 2013-09-11 01:14:10 -0500 Report

Hi Stephanie, I've been using the iBGStar the last few months and it's the best monitor I've used in the 17yrs I've been diabetic. It's brilliant for highlighting any patterns/problems one might have. I've used other apps to record my BG levels, apps that do not have an accompanying meter like this one - frankly I find these other apps a little clunky and inconvenient as you have to manually enter the data. I tend to use the iBGStar meter standalone throughout the day, then in the evening plug it in to sync the results. Then you can easily email your doctor your results.

Only problems I've come across are:
- it was originally designed for iPhone 4/4s and plugs into the bottom - you would need an adapter to get it to sync with the new iPhones

- can't use on android yet

- there are tags that are automatically applied to a BG result depending on the time you test e.g. If you test 7am, it will plonk it in the category 'before breakfast' for the purposes of the logbook. This only works automatically if you connect the meter, open the app, then test. If you do as I do and sync in evening, you need to tag manually.

Lastly, adding to Claudia's comment
- if you intend to leave it permanently connected to your phone, they do a case to fit when attached to the iPhone 4/4s which makes it the same length as an iPhone 5

ClaudiaCortez 2013-09-10 11:53:57 -0500 Report

Hi Stephanie I work with a company that is developing a new noninvasive technology that would go hand in hand with a smart phone. We purchased the IBG star to compare it to our upcoming technology and we found out that people love the product but unfortunately does not fit around a phone case.