Angry with your child?

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Hi my name is Brett and I'm new here. Something I want to get off my chest it's that for a while I had diabetes burn out and was in denial. I thought if I just went to the gym all the time I didn't have to monitor my sugars. Well I have taken my daughter on full time now so I don't go to the gym that much anymore and I'm trying to manage my sugars now and testing 5 to 6 times a day and eating healthy meals. I'm going to admit that it is very hard for me to control my emotions when I am around my daughter. I take my frustrations out on her sometimes due to my glucose levels fluctuating. I have no patience for her and before I know it hours pass and I feel like a jerk at the end of the night. Since I have been doing a strict diet and testing and treating more often now my anger has gone down a lot. Also the glucerna shakes have really helped me stabilize. Any feedback on what to do when enraged from fluctuating sugars.

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Harlen 2013-09-11 06:19:44 -0500 Report

I know when I'm not reacting like I need too
When I feel like I'm getting mad I stop its up to me to stop I am the dad!!
If I can't make me do the right thing how can I ask a kid too???
Never let them see you mad !! It will not fix any thing !!
It's never easy ,they will push you a long way lol
Monkey see monkey do monkey act like you …
Best wishes

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