Anger & BG

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I had a disturbing phone call that made me angry. It was about 30 mins before my scheduled time to check my BG, my BG was higher than normal for me at that time of day. I believe anger and stress increases my numbers. What experiences have you all had with this?

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Chopstix 2013-09-13 10:03:51 -0500 Report

I had bypass surgery in April and my BG levels were high while I was in the hospital. The doctor put me on insulin to bring my BG back down. My blood sugar did not start coming down until mid June because one of sutures opened back up. Talk about stress on the body!! Now, since my wounds have healed, my fasting blood glucose readings are mostly in the low 80's to low 90's. There have been times when it was below 80 down to 60. I have not injected insulin for the past two weeks and my BG has been averaging about 90. I still watch what I eat and exercise as much as possible.

Chris Clement
Chris Clement 2013-09-10 13:52:15 -0500 Report

This is absolutely something. I have this issue as well. I've had a fasting BG jump up 50-100 points over stressful, in the moment situations. Fragile humans! 2013-09-09 16:16:51 -0500 Report

yes mine rise when im mad or worried stressed like crazy happened today was all crazy getting paper work done to bring to my doctors today and it went from 147 to 250 was crazy.after my walk to the doctors and rested a little it went back down to 188.

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