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For the next 16 weeks my Sundays will consist of watching football and going to Disneyland when the Packer games are over. I'm excited, yet I'm also nervous because with football games comes alcohol and food that isn't very healthy. How do all of you deal with this if you are like me and watch football as well? I don't drink so I'm not worried about the alcohol but I'm afraid that I might want to give into temptation and have something that will spike my blood sugars. Please feel free to share anything and even your favorite team :) Go Pack Go! #greenbay #packers <3 if any of you have Instagram and would like to follow me go ahead @leslieluv21 I follow back :) Happy Sunday to you all!

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Nick1962 2013-09-08 16:50:23 -0500 Report

I think the Packers are partially responsible for my type 2. Way too many double brats and beers at Lambeau.
Water and moderation would be my first defense. Always having a jug of ice water (with lemon for me please) full during the game keeps you feeling full. Allow yourself some of the pleasures – have a brat on a half of a hardroll, the next, no roll. Keep the snacks higher in protein and lower in carbs like beef jerky, almonds/peanuts. And while you might get beaten at Lambeau for having a veggie platter or salad, at home it’s a good idea. Make the game your meal and just snack through it.

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