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We all know when were stressed out our sugars tend to rise :( well my boyfriend of six years moved in here in january and has been living here with me for 8 months on Friday he decided he needed to move back to Delaware because his father is very ill. We don't want distance to take over our relationship we want to try to make it work. But how can we when i don't drive yet hopefully i'll get over that fear soon. and he drives but he cannot come up anytime soon because his father is ill. :( i'm just trying to stay positive through all of this in hopes he'll come back home soon. just need some support from my DC family!!!!

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aww, so sorry some times being apart makes your love stronger and mabe you can take a bus there.i'll keep you in prayers and your man's dad too.

Survivor7311 2013-09-10 09:34:42 -0500 Report

Thank you. Its just a lot of stress which is not good for both of my health issues! I'm trying to stay strong through it all though

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