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Hey everyone I need some help I need to exercise but I am easily distracted what can I do to motivate myself to exercise?

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GabbyPA 2013-09-09 07:58:51 -0500 Report

I agree with splitpea...I have two buddies. They are my dogs. They never let me miss a walk. If I do, they bug me all day. They are a great motivation for me.

If you don't have four legged buddies, even an online accountability can be a help. There is a neat website that is called and you can buddy up with people there and map your walk to show people and remind yourself of how great you are doing.

splitpea922 2013-09-09 07:26:13 -0500 Report

I have heard it is always best to have a buddy, whether it is online or somone you know. I have been unmotivated to exercise lately and I am trying to change that. I am also looking for a buddy to help with the motivation.

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