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I been a diabetic for 39 years and I have other proplems to I just started the pump and I still have to go back and learn more. my sugar been high and low. i 'm gaining weight and I don't like that at all I work part time and that burns me out. I don't have anyone with me to help me with any of my stuff either, I wish I did . i need to really excerzise but my legs hurt so bad . i have breathing promblems to.don't have money to do alot i just need a friend right now. i'm trying to do my best.

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sincitylady 2013-09-10 02:02:26 -0500 Report

Hi Maggie,
That's fantastic that your walking. I'm 61 and was bed bound in January had 2 procedures on my back. Gained 25 lbs on neurotic. I stopped it and the pain killers too. Just use pineapple pain killer now and occasional Motrin). I haven't tried walking far with the walker. Ive been using a cane And pedometer. My goal right now is 500 steps a day. So you got me beat. I have to work harder. (lol) I don't know if this would help but chair exercise is good. Keep up the good work. Your my inspiration. Hope we can be friends. Always. Donna

Kf6krc 2013-09-09 16:48:35 -0500 Report

Hey Maggie, I have been a diabetic for about 10 years now, I know how you feel I get burned out all of the time. I also have chronic pancreatitis, colitis, diabetic neuropathy , and a hiatal hernia.
I take a bunch of pills and several shots everyday and it does get old. I have been reduced to part time at work because of the neuropathy in my legs and feet. I am only 51 years old and I feel like I am 100. I go through periods like you are going through all the time.
Believe it or not but I get through it by sitting on my back patio with a camera and look for anything to take pictures of. I must have about 2000 pics of birds and bugs. I like it doing this and it take me away from everything for a while.
So try picking up some kind of hobby to help take your mind off of the diabetes thing! This site helps a lot also!

GabbyPA 2013-09-09 08:12:09 -0500 Report

There are tons of great people here who can help you along the way. Diabetes gets so overwhelming sometimes. Congratulations on surviving it for 39 years. I always find it amazing when people have had it that long. Things go through cycles and right now you may just feel it's too much. Vent all you want. Ask for prayers, tell us silly jokes. What ever you need to regroup and get to feeling good again. Doing your best is sometimes all you can do.

Kats49 2013-09-09 04:33:42 -0500 Report

The insipid part of this the longer we have it…it sometimes seems as if there isn't a Perfect solution…have faith in your own abilities to discover what is upside down with your blood sugars…I ended up at 368 pounds in June 21, 2013…getting put into a surgery table for back surgery…because of degenerative disc disease,,,that I had as a little kid of 9 yrs. old. …But the great thing is…I was only on the table for 60 minutes..when my skin started to rip as they were inserting a catheter…go figure…It was a blessing in disguise…something triggered a REALLY?? feeling…I got into BATTLE mode and started working out for me…eating for me..not for anyone else..just me…I am 42 pounds lighter…I walk with a walker daily…I get mad at myself but with the help of God…i keep on pushing..myself…I am quite stubborn and I am determined…NOT to end up in a wheelchair. I was getting my sugars under great control for the 1st time in years…I am 60..too young to become wheel chair bound. i started to eat 6 times a day…tiny portions…i cut out all sugar and salt…it was tough for two weeks…BUT as i kept on doing this weird diet…I discovered little trick from granddaughters who told me to brush my teeth EVERY time I felt a sugar craving…Works…I go walking after a couple of 8 oz glasses of water…It took me 90 minutes to get totally around my block which is three blocks long the third month…Remember I am on a walker…I was exhausted…but so very proud of me…me Woo HOO..PS I started to use homeopathic pain pills rather than pharmaceutical pain pills…works better than the opiates… Plus, i keep a bag of Almond, Brazil nuts, and pistachios with me in the car..and my little bag for my walker. I eat now when I need to ..not a scheduled meal. i drink 132 ounce of water daily…I never did like soda pop…My biggest downfall was late nite eating,,then off to bed…DUH..and not being MOBILE at all …

Survivor7311 2013-09-08 11:19:27 -0500 Report

Hang in there Maggie!!!! You are doing so much for yourself it sounds like! give yourself a pat on the back! Its a struggling living with diabetes i've been a diabetic for 7 years. Its so hard to recover from a low specially when your all alone! do you have any pets? i got a dog hes been a big help when my sugars drop

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