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Hi im a type 2 diabetic with no insurance does anyone know how i can get my medication with no insurance?

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MsSonyaKS 2013-09-11 21:02:38 -0500 Report

I don't have ins. I get my monitor from my mother she gives me what I need to check my level. My doc said that I'm not there yet but that I need to watch my diet and exercise. Check with local church and family services in your area.

Tony5657 2013-09-08 08:42:19 -0500 Report

Hi Caprice76,

I think your profile said you're in Detroit. Since that's a big city most likely the city government will have an answer to your question. Possibly some local help might be available from Detroit.
You also might try the following links for the Federal Government:

Our son, age 26, is both Medicare and Medicaid eligible because of physical and mental disabilities and he receives all his meds. and other medical procedures free. He's not diabetic but that doesn't matter. Your condition may qualify you to receive benefits just like our son is receiving. He also receives monthly SSDI (Social Security Disability) payments because of my work history because he is dependent on my wife and I to care for him. You may qualify for something similar.

It takes time and effort to contact the various agencies and time and effort to keep proper records and submit them in a timely manner to those agencies to continue receiving those benefits, but for our son, it has meant many thousands of dollars worth of benefits.

I wish you the best and I'm praying for you…Tony5657 in New Braunfels, TX

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