Don't Wait Until You Have Diabetes

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I was reading an article today on Pre-diabetes and how to tackle it before it gets too far.

It offered a lot of great tips on what to do if you suspect you have it or have had other health issues that might make you more inclined to have it later in life. I think a lot of us know these things in hind site. But how do we get a jump on it and keep it from catching up to us, when we otherwise have no idea it's coming? I see it here often, how shocked people are when they are told the have diabetes. There must have been something showing up before?

For me, I have no excuse. I have a family history of it, and a lot of the other issues such as weight, poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. When I tested myself, I knew what to expect. But what's sad, is that by the time I tested, I already had some complications and my doctors (before I lost my job and insurance) must have known for a long time that I was facing this. No one ever said anything…not once. I have since learned to be a better advocate for myself.

I see the same thing happening with my step daughter. Her last labs she had a 115 fasting glucose. That should put up a red flag, but the doctor said nothing…so my words are falling on deaf ears, because the doctor didn't give the diagnosis. She has no family history that we know of, but she has other issues that feed the diabetes monster. So I worry.

So while this article is great for those of us who are aware or paying any kind of attention. What about those whose doctors don't say anything to get people on the road to prevention or at the very least a delay of the disease? I know they think we will not be compliant or might fight them. That's fine, then the onus ours, not theirs. But how many doctors wait too long to say anything to maybe help us turn the corner earlier?

We need to ask more questions and be more involved in our care. It could mean the difference of decades of not having this disease full blown in our lives. So share with those you love who are still diabetes free. Encourage them to test for it if you suspect they may be prone to it…or not. Better to know ahead of time while the monster is still small enough to manage.

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I don't know what you mean? I only see your "duplication" post. I would love to hear what you have to share.

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Gabby, I've never had this happen before. I had a reply regarding the article you referred us to, posted it, then a little later returned to edit it and ended up with 2 copies of it showing here. Now I only see my "apology." Something has really changed with this site. Previously I have returned and edited things but this time it didn't work. Sorry but I'm not sure I can re-create what I said…Tony

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Sometimes when the system is slow we get duplicate posts. Perhaps as you were changing yours, a tech person was deleting the duplicate?? Or maybe is was the E-monster. They live in the cyber world you know and make mysterious things happen online.

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