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I look through a lot of recipes and I always see the servings of the recipes, but the individual serving to calculate the cal and carbs and such I am confused so If there is 6 servings and the calories say per serving what exactly is the serving size 1 cup 1/2 Cup? Please if anyone can help me it would mean a whole lot to me.

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aggiefix 2013-09-01 21:10:10 -0500 Report

look at the total carbs, 15grams equal 1 carb, so if it says 30grams per service, you divide it by 15, which means 2 carbs per serving, if it says cup then its 2 carbs per cup..I'm on a total of 9 carbs a day. example..egg mcmuffin is total of 2 carbs…

silvie mae
silvie mae 2013-08-31 12:48:48 -0500 Report

When I make recipes like that I just separate the dish in equal parts. I might measure the whole contents and then divide it by six. It's a hassle sometimes but I'm getting used to the process. And I'm getting better at math Lol!

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