Rapidly bouncing BG

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Yesterday, my BG went from 187 to 118 in 30 minutes. This morning it was 118 and jumped to 253 after breakfast. I having been checking much lately. Thought I was stable. What's going on?

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GabbyPA 2013-08-26 10:16:02 -0500 Report

The way I found to help me with figuring out what causes these things (to the best of my ability anyway) is to keep a journal of what I eat. Test before and after a meal and keep an eye on things It helped me figure out my taboo foods and some that I thought would be that are not so bad.

If you can keep a rise of less than 40 points in a meal, no matter where you are starting from, then you are on a good track. It takes time and patience and there are times when it will frustrate you incredibly. But we were not made to do with our minds what our bodies do naturally. So the rubber-band effect is often very reactionary.

Like Nick said, exercise, food and consistency are all part of the mix. Getting into a routine can help, but variables will always be there. Things we don't see like stress or even low grade illness can be a factor just to name a few.

Nick1962 2013-08-26 10:05:43 -0500 Report

That’s really not all that unusual depending on food and activity. Additionally, considering your meter can be off by up to 20%, that swing can be wider or narrower. Also consider that your blood may not be consistent throughout your body at all times. I can get a 20 point spread rapid-fire testing on the same finger. Here’s some of my numbers around mealtime and I’m considered “controlled”.
You will never be “stable” in the sense that you’ll hold a number within 10 or 20 points (mg/dl). Even if you tested every 15 minutes (or hooked yourself up to a CGM) you’d see a constant wave. You really have to eat a regular and consistent diet to get that wave to flatten out – it can be done, but judging by those numbers, you still have some diet tweaking to do.

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