severe allergies to artifical sweetners

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I have type 1, i'm on 70/30 and regular insulin, and am extremely allergic to nutrasweet, splenda etc, I ask for a dietician referral and she just told me she didn't have a clue how to help me, anyone else have this issue? and does anyone have any ideas on how to get around this. All the light, diet, no sugar added and sugar free foods and drinks contain them


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silvie mae
silvie mae 2013-08-23 21:01:01 -0500 Report

Hi laceykink, i am T1 also. I don't use artificial sweeteners at all. I and very little sugar. I use Stevia to sweeten coffee or cereal. Stevia is an herb and is natural. It is much sweeter than sugar so a little goes a long way.
I avoid processed foods almost completely. I eat fruits, vegetables, poultry, fish and nuts. I drink water, coconut milk and cultured coconut milk and coffee. Pretty much that's my way around all of the harmful things that our food supply is saturated with. :-/