Creative thinking when hypoglycaemic?

By androidrew Latest Reply 2015-06-13 18:48:09 -0500
Started 2013-08-23 14:28:33 -0500

Does anyone have great bursts of creativity when their blood sugars are low? I am a video producer and most of my best ideas have come when I'm hypo.

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JessTheMess 2013-08-26 22:43:01 -0500 Report

I see Pablo Picasso style :) the first time I exsperienced this I was crazy low and after I came out of it I was like WOW !! I get crazy dreams if I'm sleeping and go low and wake up in cold sweat, but nothing like you :) your post made me smile haha

Type1Lou 2013-08-24 18:44:55 -0500 Report

Unfortunately, hypo episodes really impede my brain function, making me feel fuzzy and unfocused and uncoordinated. Luckily, they are much more rare now that I'm on an insulin pump.

Set apart
Set apart 2013-08-24 07:41:00 -0500 Report

Sorry the only creative thing I do is gulp orange juice without spilling it all over my face! I had a low of 36 a couple of weeks ago! Yuck!

GabbyPA 2013-08-23 20:14:14 -0500 Report

Perhaps that is like being creative or problem solving in our sleep. I know I am often up and working on a solution my brain gives me when I am in the uninhibited life of slumber. When I go be honest, I just get scared and try to focus on getting back in a normal range.

androidrew 2013-08-23 18:54:41 -0500 Report

Yes, short lived they are and I will often forget most of the ideas. I do also think I have solved some of the worlds deepest issues until the sugar kicks in and reality bites back! I think it might be fight or flight related, maybe our hypo attacks bring us so close to being empty that our minds relax and we are then full of ideas. Maybe I'm hypo now, I'm talking a lot :)

silvie mae
silvie mae 2013-08-23 21:13:24 -0500 Report

Woah, Dude that's like, deep Lol :-p JK!
I know when I go low in the night I always wake up from some crazy wicked nightmare.

Katykakes 2013-08-23 15:35:22 -0500 Report

Im the exact opposite, i turn into mush and then go carb crazy. All i really think about is getting to my juice boxes or not totally freaking out who im with. Lol!

hollowed 2013-08-23 14:58:45 -0500 Report

Yeah, I do! I'm a musician and audio engineer and some of my best songs and ideas just flow to me when my blood sugar is low. It's similar to some of the creativity that hits when you first start drifting off to sleep.

silvie mae
silvie mae 2013-08-23 14:54:56 -0500 Report

Interesting! I get discombobulated when I'm low all I can think about is getting some carbs to get back to normal.
Being a songwriter and musician I sure wish creative bursts was the side effect I experienced when low… Lol!

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