Type 1.5 Diabetes

Stephanie Joy
By Stephanie Joy Latest Reply 2015-02-14 12:46:37 -0600
Started 2013-08-22 22:38:20 -0500

I was diagnosed 3 years ago with type 2, then 1, now apparently 1.5… I take insulin but was reading that I could take a pill.. Anyone else a type 1.5?

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Sopies Grandma
Sopies Grandma 2015-02-14 12:46:37 -0600 Report

yep, same thing happened to me. sort of makes me mad that I was always type 1.5 LADA and yet was treated like a type 2. but I guess its better to know than not to know…good luck with your type1.5

Stephanie Joy
Stephanie Joy 2013-11-21 12:25:32 -0600 Report

Ya the same thing happened to me.. I was told the pill will put more stress on your pancreas the insulin helps it and will "work" longer .. Good luck let me know your outcome

Icaruscanfly 2013-11-21 07:01:39 -0600 Report

I was just diagnosed as type 1.5 after an original t2 diagnosis. My dr put me on glimipiride to see if he can eek out some insulin from my pancreas. It has been 5 days…so fas my bs is still high ( averaging between 200-300 range). My dr told the pill may not work …so next step would be insulin. Im new to this but if i canhelp…

splitpea922 2013-09-09 13:12:44 -0500 Report

I am a 1.5 according to new books/media ect, but my doctor classifys me as type one since I have the antibodies. As far as I know, the pill is not an option for me since my pancreas has completly shut down.

Stephanie Joy
Stephanie Joy 2013-09-04 10:29:04 -0500 Report

I'm not sure exactly what is is as of now I have an Endo appt tomorrow I'm 27 now got diagnosed about 3 years ago. It doesn't run in my family came out of nowhere…

Dr John
Dr John 2013-08-25 07:47:14 -0500 Report

What is your c-peptide level? How old are you?

If you are truly 1.5 that means you are a type 1 at an older age.


Icaruscanfly 2013-11-21 07:05:42 -0600 Report

Just a question …atlast testbs was 296 and c-pep was just under 2 …on 1000 mg of metformin a day 2x aday and 4mg of glimepiride 2x a day. It has only been 5 days but wondering about how long it takes to see some lower bs levels?

Dr John
Dr John 2013-11-21 14:41:21 -0600 Report

Seems like you are a type 2. You are certainly being treated for type 2 diabetes. Diet and other factor will determine length of time to see results. Usually 1-2 weeks.

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