Type 2 Trajenta

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Started 2013-08-21 14:39:50 -0500

I am wondering if there are people who have experiance witj the use of Trajenta?
At this moment I am using 4x500 Methformine, but that keeps me running to the toilet.
My physician can't tell me much about it and keeps telling me that Methformine is the drug because he knows the long term use of it does no harm.
I just want to be able to go through the day without 6 times a day running for the next toilet.
So anyone here can tell me a bit more about Trajenta??

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tn woman
tn woman 2013-08-31 20:35:58 -0500 Report

I have taken 500 X 2 Metformia for several years now.I quit taking my blood sugar readings and in 6 months my A1C was 9.9 so my doctor put me on 1000X2 metformia last week.I feel awful and it bothers my stomach.

forsakes alive
forsakes alive 2013-08-23 11:48:17 -0500 Report

I cant tell you anything about trajenta. though I was given the advice to start using the metformin,what a mistake that was taking it. like you have been experiencing "the shits", I had to . I quit taking it after the fact. I do know that there are alot of other meds that can be subscribed,its just a matter of getting the right 1 that suites you and lifestyle.

Sven71 2013-08-22 11:22:46 -0500 Report

I want to know what the experience of people are who are using it. I did make some calls to the diabetic center of our hospital wich makes me positve about it, but maybe users can tell me more about what they think or know

Nora3452 2013-08-21 21:44:26 -0500 Report

Hey, you should try asking your question about Trajenta to a group of other doctors to get a second opinion. One resource you can use to do that is Healthtap. They have a 50k+ doctors online and you can post free questions that get answered the same day.

I found one an answer here about Tarjenta asked by another diabetic patient: http://bit.ly/18Lcm2c But you should try posting your exact question on there to get a detailed response. Best of luck!

Sven71 2013-08-23 10:47:07 -0500 Report

I was wondering about the experience of users, but in a few weeks I will be able to awnser the question, starting monday with it