Life as a diabetic

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Hey everyone ! I'm glad to join this community ! I can finally connect with other diabetics and not feel like I'm alone with this . I can not wait to read what everyone has to say . It's definitely effected my life but I don't let it change who I am . Diabetes is second nature to me now ! Have a great day everyone!

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Grandmama16 2013-08-24 14:42:29 -0500 Report

Please give me a clue as to if I'm pre-diabetic or type 2. I've had numbers a month or so ago as high as 262, taking Metformin, then controlled diet more and have been as low as 113, tho mostly in 130's or more morning and even night. The problem is that the low carb diet is playing havoc with my digestive system. My grandson is type 1 and his dad, my son, says I'm probably pre because I'm losing weight, 12 lbs or so, and to hang in there to beat it. How would I know if I have? Then once I had the runs in a grocery store (absolutely no warning)and had to clean up in the rest room. Then took Imodium and didn't go for a week…took a little milk of magnesia(I have never needed it before) and that helped. Now I fear another runs episode. Maybe I'm TOO low in carbs, about 50 a day. Oddly, the day I ate a small slice of carrot cake, there was no difference in BS. What is going on?

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