Neuropathy treatment - Benfotiamine

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My hubby was diagnosed with T2 diabetes about 12 years ago and over time suffered with neuropathy in his feet and fingers. He tried to control his sugar with diet/exercise at the beginning but enjoyed sweets too much. Insulin treatments were the norm for the last few years of his life - even after having Lap Band surgery. He passed away at age 56 from a sudden heart attack. However, he did find that Benfotiamine, a lipid soluble form of Thiamine was most effective in relieving his neuropathy symptoms. I have many friends with neuropathy, sciatica, and other general nerve related issues and each has found benefit from Benfotiamine. I'd like to suggest my source… for some very good information and to purchase high quality products.

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thanks for sharing so sorry for your loss but glad you shared i'm having lots of pai because of my neuropathy symptoms i'm greatful for you posting this I will try it thank you.

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