Precentages on the side????

By Anonymous Latest Reply 2008-12-19 06:30:32 -0600
Started 2008-12-17 11:59:41 -0600

Since we have had several discussions about the point system, I was wondering about the precentages on the side of the discussion page. What are they for and who determines what the precentages are? Some have numbers, some do not. I was just curious. Does anyone know??

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It took me a while to figure that out,too, but it is right next to add reply, click on rate discussion and then thumbs up or down. If it seems helpul to you then you, or anyone who feels it is, or even if it is not related but fun to you you can rate it. For whatever reason you like the post, rate discussion.

2008-12-17 14:26:49 -0600 Report

If you click on the rate discussion icon there will be a box come up where you can choose whether you think that the discussion is helpful or not. After that is recorded, the precentage numbers show up. Obviously, not everyone rates the discussion. It isn't necessary to do so, just an option for you. Hope this clears it up some for you.