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I've had this problem for 27 years and after I got it controlled and on an insulin pump in 2010, everything showed up. I have nerve problems and PAD and was getting the blockage cleared every 3 months or so. The last surgery I had a by-pass done to keep amputation another step away. I can say the hard way it pays to stay on top of everything. I love my pump it helps me a lot and my doctor and nurse because I can't cheat. I also finally got a good team behind me when I lived in Seattle. I had a nurse, diet adviser, and my doctor who all worked together to help me. I got things where I am now with my PCP and Cardiac Doctor and Surgeons all in the act too. Oh and family helps too. I found that this was important to have all this help behind you. Now to start the other problem I have; weight loss-exercise!

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peggy1255 2013-08-18 20:05:59 -0500 Report

I tried the bike the one I got kills my back I think it had something to do with how my legs extend outward, it's the kind where you have a seat you can lean back on and your legs extend outward , it's a good bike but I had back pain for 3 wks after just 3 uses, yes being able to afford is a big issue I saved for months to get my elliptacle and thankfully no regrets on that purchase, whatever you get I hope it's enjoyable for you :)

peggy1255 2013-08-18 08:53:09 -0500 Report

Hi !I think with the weight loss exercise it's a matter of finding which is best for you , it helps if you like what your doing for your exercise , for me I found I like the elliptacle machine, makes it easier to get on board with an exercise plan when we find one we like:)

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Elder K 2013-08-18 19:11:45 -0500 Report

Thanks peggy1255 I like the recom??? bike but have to find one I can afford. Then I can look at it and say, ok tomorrow I start. At least for a few weeks at least. HA HA HA! Ok when I get it I start it!!!!