How do you learn about new tools and gadgets to help with your diabetes management?

Jeanette Terry
By Jeanette Terry Latest Reply 2013-08-21 15:38:39 -0500
Started 2013-08-16 14:51:58 -0500

There are so many new tools and gadgets such as new and improved meters and pumps and insulin pens that are coming out on the market as well as some other cool tools to help us control our diabetes. But how do you learn about them? I am lucky to hear about new products through some newsletters and emails but I don't know how much I really get. So I am curious how the rest of you hear about new products or if you hear about them?

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weezermac 2013-08-21 15:05:16 -0500 Report

I need a new moniter.I have been using the Freesyle,and like it,but would like to have one that is compatible with MacIntosh.Anyone know one??

padre zen
padre zen 2013-08-16 15:03:03 -0500 Report

Hi I am new here. This is my first response. I have type 2 and I Google for information. On new tools for diabetics. A lot of the information on the tools are still in clinical trials. Also the companies have information. This is what I do.

Jeanette Terry
Jeanette Terry 2013-08-16 15:08:51 -0500 Report

Welcome padre to the community! I have found as you have that there is a lot of info out there on the internet. But you have to go search for it. I find it frustrating sometimes when I hear about a new great product, then find out it is still in clinical trials. I almost always forget about it by the time it comes out on the market.

Thanks for your feedback. It is always nice to hear what everyone else is doing.

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