To feel better get your metabolism right , then given enough time , things can improve.

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Yesterday , I had a paradigm shift also called an aha moment .
For most of my life I've eaten processed , modified foods , just like the bacon, egg ,
and cheese wrap . Throughout my life my parents taught us kids that breakfast was
one or a mixture of the following :
bacon , fried or scrambled eggs in margerine or vegetable oil , grits , pancakes , toast , cereal , sausage , bologna ,waffles, oatmeal loaded with margerine and sugar, .
gravy , biscuits , milk , coffee , ham, beef gravy , chocolate gravy , home made and regular syrup
smoked sausages .. this was breakfast , all of these are metabolism effecting foods they slow it down ,
Lunch and supper was either fried foods or sandwiches all processed meats , or fruits with mayo
a few vegetables and a lot of starchy foods , pasta with cheese , potatoes etc.

Now better choices , hard boiled egg , fruits and vegetables , a regular serving of oatmeal , no sugar , every morning I make a drink that's loaded with 9 servings of clean carbs and protein,
or make your own just be aware of the ingredients , ask yourself , will they give me energy or take it from me. this holds true on all meals ..
Lunch , supper , baked real meats , chicken (the breast is the best)
, i that is not the size of a turkey. fish , turkey , and lean beef ,
vegetables and fruits , fruts are good snacks and digest in about 20 minutes when not combined with our fruits.the only exceptions are dried fruits and bananas , they take about an hour.
and drink purified water , it benefits our systems in many ways .
Ya'll I was skinny at 5 years old , then came the habits of my grandparents all mom fed us
oh 'yes and soft drinks , my grand dad bought and kept seven cases at his home and told us kids to drink all we wanted , liquid quick grow lol.
Since 2003 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes , insulin dependent since 2007 , been
personally researching food and ways to help the metabolism ever sense , what I learn
is shared on the computer . were all different but there are some things we have in common .
Find the clean foods that's best metabolized by your body , any movement helps , modify any exercise to what you can do , and always work with your primary doctor to be sure what your doing is safe for you to do . drink plenty of purified water .
Today , i'm getting this all back in track for my own body , no more yo yoing diets , just a new change in my lifestyle .
Remember , when we get our metabolism right then the energy level will be more constant , which will help us to feel better and lose weight and help counter our stress .
god bless you all .

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Nick1962 2013-08-19 16:25:41 -0500 Report

Sounds a lot like my upbringing Sam - except we never had chocolate gravy. Sure glad I wised up in time though!

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