One bacon , egg and cheese sandwich equaled about a 1/2 drop in my energy level.

Sam Stokes
By Sam Stokes Latest Reply 2013-08-16 18:41:45 -0500
Started 2013-08-15 11:53:55 -0500

This is not my normal routine , but , since payday was yesterday and today was trash day I stepped back into a bad habit and noticed a lot of difference.By the way on trash day we take the trash to the road and we and our two dogs, go to the local country store . They normally get a beef stick each , i usually get mixed nuts.
But , today I got a bacon ,egg , and cheese , wrap , about 20 minutes had pasted and I noticed the drop in my energy level and a little shift in my mood. In the past , i'd keep eating to try to get the energy back up , it's a losing battle , the more that is put in, the more the body has to use energy to process it .
If we listen to what our body is telling us , many of the choices that are made can be learning experiences.
The only way for me to lose weight and keep my energy up , has been through this learning process. Everyday is a good day , our choices within each one , makes the difference on how our body reacts to what we are doing..
Hopefully this may help someone else , Have a very blessed day everyone.

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Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2013-08-16 18:41:45 -0500 Report

Hey Sam,

I am not diabetic at this point but I am extremely hypoglycemic. I was grabbing one of these from time to time, and had the same experience. A deep drop in my energy level, along with hypoglycemia symptoms. That bacon-egg-cheese wrap does taste good, doesn't it? I hated to give them up.


Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-08-15 12:08:14 -0500 Report

I love Country Stores. They have such great finds. Did you walk to the store? If so, you burned up the carbs contained in the wrap when you walked home. When I walk I carry a piece of hard candy or something low carb because based on what I have eaten before walking I may burn off before I get back home. I have noticed if I don't have a carb when walking I have little energy when I return.

Sam Stokes
Sam Stokes 2013-08-16 15:31:08 -0500 Report

i have to swing heel to toe , legs try to swell up on me when i try to walk , but even that is getting better.

Sam Stokes
Sam Stokes 2013-08-15 11:57:50 -0500 Report

It took me a while to type this right , adhd , plays with typing and my thoughts , on topic it says sandwich , but, it was a wrap.

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