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I was diagnosed with T2 this past December - on my grandsons birthday, not a day I'm likely to forget - I've been struggling to get my numbers down with little luck. Currently I'm on Metformin 1000mg twice a day and still not much help. Seems the only way to get them down to the 150 range (best I've had so far) is to exercise for 2 hours and I don't always have time for that. So my Diabetes Nurse Educator is adding Bydureon. I start next week. I'd love to hear your thoughts, your experiences and anything else you'd care to share about Bydureon or hints to get my BS down.


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shecancervive 2013-08-20 08:10:16 -0500 Report

Thank you both. I already do good tracking and walk, however I've rejoined the gym close to my house and, though I may not want to, I know I must go. I know it must become a part of my life, much the same as eating and sleeping. Thanks for your advice and encouragement.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-08-15 12:01:22 -0500 Report

Getting your numbers down requires patience and a lifestyle change. For the first 6 months, I cut out all white foods such as rice, bread, pasta and potatoes. I eliminated as much processed foods as possible. Try to eliminate, lunch meats, hot dogs, frozen dinners, microwavable foods such as hot pockets, pizza rolls and things like that. During the summer months I buy fress veggies, cook them and freeze them for the winter. I will buy frozen veggies. If I have to buy canned, I rinse them before heating and I don't add salt to them. The only thing I fry is an egg in pam. I bake, broil or grill everything including bacon and sausage.

Start a food journal. List all the foods you eat per meal and snack. I add up the carbs for each item then total them to get the 60 carbs I am suppose to have for each meal. I rarely make it to 60. I also waited 2 hours then tested and added that. I created a spreadsheet which I printed and took with me to the doctor and we would discuss it. I also weighed everything I ate.

You may have to start all over to get on track. The only medication I take for my T-2 is 500 mgs Metformin a day. I have been able to get off my cholesterol medication and lost weight because I am eating healthier.

tabby9146 2013-08-19 09:33:52 -0500 Report

Joyce said it all I think, this is the best advice really and pretty much what I used to tell all the newly diagnosed that I saw on here and had time to comment on. Just 30 mins a day of exercise, low impact, doesn't have to be strenuous, is all I did in the beginning. sometimes you can do 10 mins,. of one exercise and 10 of another, it doesn't have to be 30 mins. straight and they say that is just as good. Maybe you can work up to more than 30 mins. like yoga for 15 or so and then another kind , and later in the day something else, when you have time. drink lots of water. add protein shakes but not too much protein.

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