My Mama's Orange jello,pudding coolwhip cake

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You will need:
1 Box of a white sugar free cake mix
2 Orange Jello in box ( sugar free)
1 Box of sugar free vanilla pudding
1 Tub of sugar free coolwhip.

Mix cake mix as shown on box and bake.
Let it cool
While cake is baking. Mix one box of jello as shown on box.
After cake is cool poke holes in it. Then pour jello on top of cake. Jello will sink into cake through the holes.
Put in frig. for 4 hours.
After 4 hours mix your pudding as shown on box.
Add the 2nd box of jello powder. ( do not make the jello ) just use it right out of the box.
Fold that into the pudding.
Add coolwhip into the pudding & jello mixture.( fold all together.
Take the mixture and use it to icing your cake.
My mama told me about this. I made it and it was the bomb!

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