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Do any of you feel like diabetes runs your life!?!? I know that all diabetics that are trying to properly care for themselves have to think about what we eat and portions.. etc, but I feel like it's taking over sometimes!!! If I get a reading that I feel is too high for what I've eaten I check it over & over!! I just want to get to the point where I'm not constantly thinking/plotting about what my next meal will be & how that meal will affect my BGL. My diabetes is under control and I'm soooo thankful & grateful for that, but anytime I get a reading 120-140 I get upset, like I'm doing something wrong. I'm striving to perfect w/ a disease doesn't always "play fair."
Of course no one in my circle "gets it" and I shouldn't expect them to. I know I'm in control of this, but do you ever feel like diabetes is ALL consuming???
*sigh* in a way I'm grateful for the diagnosis bc w/out it I wouldn't be striving to be healthier, but on the other hand it stresses me the hell out!!

Quick question - do you guys wait 2 hrs after starting or finishing your meals to check BGL??

Thanks for letting me vent!!!

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Shershe699 2013-08-20 21:14:25 -0500 Report

Oh my gosh. Your feelings are exactly the same as mine. I constantly rethink my upcoming meals in an effort to keep my BGL perfect. The diabetic nurse I see said the start timing from the beginning of your meal. I guess everyone may have differing opinions, but that's what I do.
Best wishes,

Grandmama16 2013-08-18 16:30:09 -0500 Report

It has taken over my life. I don't want to believe that I actually have it at 69, only diagnosed last year and was given Metformin, 2000 mg and right off it made me sick intestinaly so I just stopped, didn't test…nothing. Have had depression, high BP, Fibromyalgia…on meds for years, Cymbalta for several years and I fear it has raised blood sugar. Them again Metformin starting at just 1, now have been at 3 for awhile, and counting carbs but feel weak…cannot exercise. Had sudden diareah at a store 2 days ago…was able to clean up and get home. Could've been tofu pudding night before but cut out 1 Met now. Help.

GabbyPA 2013-08-18 17:17:47 -0500 Report

Usually they kind of start you low on that. It can be rough to take in the beginning. Glad you are reducing it and giving that a chance. I hope you are feeling better soon.

silvie mae
silvie mae 2013-08-18 17:09:28 -0500 Report

So sorry Grandmama:-( when I was improperly diagnosed with type 2 they put me on Metformin and it made me so sick. I was switched to Janumet that was a little better. Obviously it did nothing to help my blood sugar since I'm type one. But I didn't feel as sick from it.
It sounds like you have a quite a few health issues going on. Just keep trying to improve your eating habits. Maybe meat with a diabetes educator. Or attend diabetes classes. Many communities provide a 6 week course, I'm attending one right now. It's a good way to learn information and meet others in your community that are learning to better manage their diabetes too.
Perhaps you can discuss the negative side effects you are experiencing from the Metformin. there should be an alternative treatment. I don't think you should have to be so sick from your medication. I sure hope you begin feeling better soon.

Set apart
Set apart 2013-08-17 07:15:39 -0500 Report

It's been two years TODAY august 17th when I was diagnosed with T1. I try not to let my diabetes define who I am, I am a woman with diabetes, and I am ME first. I tracked everything I ate for the first 6 months, so now I eat the same foods, some days it all goes haywire, and it peeks it's little head out to remind me it's there. I've learned nit to be a perfectionist, and believe me I am one, but with D, you have to realize that some days are tough and if you stress it can also affect your BG levels! Go on to the next day, check 2 hours after you've eaten if you're below 140 you are doing great! We have to live, we have that right, and the big D shouldn't run our lives!

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2013-08-16 18:38:04 -0500 Report

Hi Sherelle,

I always think of a condition like diabetes as an uninvited houseguest that isn't going to leave. So you just kind of have to learn to get along with each other. But you're right, it's a houseguest who makes a lot of demands, and doesn't play very fair.

Support is power. Glad you are reaching out! Everybody gets it and is always ready to reach back.


Sam Stokes
Sam Stokes 2013-08-16 15:05:46 -0500 Report

i do 2 or more hours , yes , only i was dealing with 200-400 blood sugars , it was crazy , mine was my medicines , the foods i was eating , plus some of my other health situations . 2007 - 2013 , processed and modified foods were my main things and the lack of exercise , i've cleaned up my foods , got the supplements right finally and now just need my nova log mix 70/30 at night , life is much better and my blood sugar is now below 200 , still working on it , unless i cheat or some kind of illness
sneaks up on me ..now i check it about 3 times a day , morning . after lunch , and night , was checking my blood sugar 6 to 8 times and many times just once or skipped . when the stress factor and or depression got the best of me .

silvie mae
silvie mae 2013-08-15 20:35:57 -0500 Report

Fear has been my biggest challenge since my diagnosis. But I'm learning to adjust and learning to face my fears.

silvie mae
silvie mae 2013-08-15 09:05:15 -0500 Report

I must admit I'm obsessed, and I do often feel as if it has taken over my life, but i am confident that in time I will adjust to the drastic turn my life has taken and I will eventually be less obsessed with, measuring my food and checking my BG sooo much. I will remember to be patient with myself and know that this is a pretty big deal and there is a lot to learn and it will take time to feel more confident about managing and it won't seem as overwhelming as it does right now. :-) hearing the stories advice and encouragement from the seasoned diabetics here really is helping me put that into perspective.

Scarlet03 2013-08-14 19:39:04 -0500 Report

I did that after adjusting to a new insulin regiment. Other than that, not really. Being on a sliding scale and knowing how many carbs I do…I dont worry about it…UNLESS I dont feel good..

I said on another post if you get 140 after you eat YOU"RE FINE…RELAX…if you get a 200 or above…then worry

stefstef82 2013-08-15 19:09:20 -0500 Report

I'm really obsessed its all i think about, I'm afraid to be out by myself , I feel safer at home or at my boyfriends house it's crazy , I'm trying to cope
with having this disease and it's really stressing me out

Sherelle112 2013-08-15 21:04:33 -0500 Report

I said that to say I'm not afraid of passing out or going too low and I also carry some granola bars in my purse…

stefstef82 2013-08-15 21:06:21 -0500 Report

I carry something similar to that but when I check my numbers they're ok, I'm still trying to figure out what's bad & good

Sherelle112 2013-08-15 21:02:54 -0500 Report

Luckily since I take metformin my numbers don't usually get too low. They're in the 80s a lot, but rarely in 60s or 70s. If you don't mind, why are you scared to be out alone??

silvie mae
silvie mae 2013-08-16 15:16:36 -0500 Report

I totally understand I've experienced bad anxiety attacks while driving and pulled over to check my B/G. I am still learning my bodies responses to being high vs. being low. I know I've had severe reactions to being low and other times I didn't know I was low. I've been told that probably depends on the rate the B/G is dropping.
I use the cgm now and that has really helped me feel more secure. I've dealt with almost paralysing fear and anxiety even been to the ER with anxiety attacks a couple of times.
All I can tell you is it is getting better and the more I educate and the more experience I get under my belt the more confident I feel.
Hang in there and don't be down on yourself. I ease myself into uncomfortable situations, ya know baby steps, It takes time but we'll get better at this as we go. :)

GabbyPA 2013-08-14 19:37:54 -0500 Report

I know how you feel. I was obsessed with knowing, experimenting, frustration, journaling, and so much more. It was all I talked about and I am sure I drove my family nuts. Really nuts. But I will say it's all part of the learning curve and a way that you know you are taking care of yourself. As long as you do learn and find that eventually, you can do it without it being the elephant in the room. It is a huge change in most of our lives. That doesn't come easily and we have to find our way through the quagmire.

The thing that I know helped me was to realize that my body is complex and I cannot even begin to do what my body is supposed to do naturally in a manual way. So when I mess up or don't understand what is going on, I am okay with that. I can only do what I can do and I'm not a pancreas or an insulin hormone or a intuitive body. I have to use my brain, and that is far less adequate compared to what my body is made to do naturally.

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