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My sugar was 73 is that good or bad

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Nora3452 2013-08-21 22:23:23 -0500 Report

This depends on many factors. I'm not a doctor, but there's a site called HealthTap where you can ask these questions and get it answered by real physicians for free. I found some info on blood sugar at 65, here's what the doctors say:

I use it alot and it they usually get back to you within a few hours. Check it out in the link above and let me know if it works for you. Good luck!

BroadwayGirl 2013-08-20 22:58:21 -0500 Report

It's nearly perfect. You want to aim(at least my doctors say to aim) for your sugars to be between 85-120. But it's at that sugar where you just shouldn't eat anything unless it continues to lower, then have a snack or juice.

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