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By Poopsieann Latest Reply 2013-08-22 15:23:46 -0500
Started 2013-08-12 00:41:16 -0500

I just visited my doctor on Friday… My blood work shows really bad levels… I'm crushed and need to make drastic changes… NOW… I'm so sad

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zwee123 2013-08-13 16:59:09 -0500 Report

Try not to be too hard on yourself. One step at a time you can change your habits. Maybe start by giving yourself a fresh slate and goals. Make a goal of yourself! Maybe look into a CGM to help break your bad habits! Good luck!

Sherelle112 2013-08-12 16:30:14 -0500 Report

YOU GOT THIS!!!!!! Let your sadness be your motivation!!!! I didn't know how horrible I felt until I started feeling good. Feeling bad shouldnt be so normal that u stop noticing!!! I hope everything works out for u!!! Just remember one day at a time… And if u stray for a day just make sure u ALWAYS start right bk up!!!!! Being defeated is not getting down, but STAYING down!!! :)

kc_froglady 2013-08-22 15:22:57 -0500 Report

wondering those of you who chose to focus on journaling did you use an app or just a notebook? I have been using my fitness pro but like now I am "tech" out of fats sugars and proteins for today. I am clueless what to eat lol.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-08-12 14:08:26 -0500 Report

Food isn't the enemy, it is how the food is eaten and the types and amounts of food being eaten. I agree with Rachel and Gabby. Focus on one or two things. Like Gabby I journeled and focused on my blood sugar levels and this helped me get into control. I kept a list of what I was eating, the amount and how it affected my blood sugar.

Sometimes when you get the bad reports, it is best to start all over with a fresh beginning. This can lessen your being overwhelmed and will help you get into control again. Try not to be discouraged you will get those numbers under control. Keep your head up, keep smiling and forge ahead. Good luck to you.

Poopsieann 2013-08-12 12:42:48 -0500 Report

Thanks for the encouragement… I guess my focus should be on getting my sugar lower… I feel like food is the enemy and I'm allowing it to kill me… I just want to stop eating all together… Then I want to eat everything in sight the next minute… I feel like I'm in a lose lose battle…

GabbyPA 2013-08-12 11:18:27 -0500 Report

It's so overwhelming when you look at the whole thing. Like Rachel is saying, pick a couple of things to focus on. That's how I did it. I chose to journal and focused on my glucose numbers and found ways to lower them through my food choices and exercise. Along the way, other things kind of fell in place and it helped me feel good.

I know you can do it too. We can help out, just let us know what you need.

RachelChavez 2013-08-12 10:51:37 -0500 Report

Try not to be discouraged. Sometimes we just need to hear the bad news to motivate us to do things better. I would suggest trying to focus on one thing at a time until you can handle a second then a third and so on. Is there something that you feel like is more important than the others that needs attention right away?