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By correctionsnurse1 Latest Reply 2013-08-15 00:49:31 -0500
Started 2013-08-08 20:42:56 -0500

Hi everyone…When I post on here, I am usually trying to help others. This time, I am in need of some emotional support.
Had my 3 month bloodwork on Monday and went for my results today. Good news is although still not great, A1C down to 7.7 after being 8.4 (yay me!), that's what healthy "clean" eating does :-), on the down side, Cholesterol up to 229 from 196, and the big "T" (trigylcerides) up from 300 to 700! How did this happen eating healthy? I'm so discouraged! Then after being dx'd w/ Hypothyroidism 3 months ago, TSH was at 7 which is "borderline treatable since they like for it to be at 10 before treating), but since I had symptoms, they started me on a low dose of Levothyroxine. Today, it had skyrocketed to 39! So needless to say, they increased my Levothyroxine.
WIth all the hard work making changes to my life by eating healthy, watching portions, and just living better, I feel discouraged. But I know things have to get better. Sorry for all the negativity. Hope all of you are doing well. Thanks for listening.

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Roxannescott 2013-08-15 00:49:31 -0500 Report

I know the feeling…Hypothyroid too and type 1 too. Typical… I have never gotten my A1c below a 7. Its just the way I am and my control I guess… been type 1 32 years now and have few complications …just some neuropathy. So maybe relax a little. But talk to Dr. Or a dietician for pointers…

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2013-08-14 21:47:53 -0500 Report

Hey correctionsnurse,

Sorry to hear about the setbacks. I know this is frustrating. No need to apologize. Sometimes we you just need to vent. The feelings are there, so let them out.

Stay in touch with us! You are not alone!


MOGOJO 2013-08-13 08:49:27 -0500 Report

Think positive, you try to correct one thing, raises numbers else where. Ask your Dr. for appropriate things to eat for you. Good luck.

correctionsnurse1 2013-08-13 11:32:09 -0500 Report

Ty, but I do have knowledge in that area. Also my job requires me to be able to counsel others regarding cholesterol and such things. I am just going to have to be more diligent in my journey in clean eating. I believe 90 percent of my eating habits are clean, just that 10 is what is being me along with heredity.

Catherine Robare
Catherine Robare 2013-08-12 12:02:49 -0500 Report

Awesome you know (& care about) your numbers! Did you have an unusually high sugar a few days before bld work? That can temporarily cause an "outrageous" triglyceride.

correctionsnurse1 2013-08-13 17:11:26 -0500 Report

Catherine… Ty. My BS are like yo-yo's. For a week I will do awesome and not go over 150 and the next I can't get under 200. I would have to go check my phone app log and see, thanks for the great point, I had actually forgot about that since I was letting the numbers consume me.

Ranger61 2013-08-11 13:23:47 -0500 Report

I need suggestions on what some of you do when you are so hungry you feel you will die if you dont eat. What is sad it has not been long since I ate.

CelticAncient 2013-08-10 14:33:13 -0500 Report

Hypothyroidism does throw a wrench into how things work and I do believe it plays a big part in what is going on with your cholesterol because it is one of the side effects of Hypothyroidism.

I was born with Hypothyroidism and thankfully tested right after birth so I was treated in time to prevent the major effects of Congenital Hypothyroidism. I still have to treat it all my life like I do with the Diabetes. Until my mid twenties I also had high cholesterol like you are dealing with. I brought it down through low fat dairy like string cheese and either 1% or 0% low fat milk, lean protein like grilled chicken instead of crispy chicken and turkey, and veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. I avoid stuff like bacon and limit crispy chicken.

Stuff like that has been proven scientifically to bring down cholesterol, but nothing will work unless you feel like you can handle the modification in the long term. Trial and error and finding stuff you like and can live with or without.
I wish you all the best in finding what works best for you!

correctionsnurse1 2013-08-11 11:09:17 -0500 Report

Thanks…Like I said in my original post, I do eat "clean", so I am leaning toward it being more a heredity issue, especially since I have been on a Statin drug for sometime. I have tried several other meds including Lipitor, Gemfibrozil, Pravachol (which I found out the hard way I am allergic to). Also have paired my statin (Zocor) w/ Niacin and Fish Oil not tolerating either one as the fish oil sent me to the ER w/ an Acute episode of pancreatitis :-(

Scarlet03 2013-08-10 14:47:18 -0500 Report

You're lucky to have it caught so early! Like me it was found when I was older. But…have it managed as best I can now.

correctionsnurse1 2013-08-11 11:10:51 -0500 Report

Had Hyperlipidemia/Hypercholestremia for years and have had higher numbers at times. Just bothers me now since doing a lifestyle change.

CelticAncient 2013-08-10 14:53:09 -0500 Report

It's actually genetic and both sides of my family have many generations of both Hypothyroidism and Diabetes. It gave them the clue on the Hypothyroidism, but by the time I showed symptoms of Diabetes as a kid I was living in a different state and sadly with Doctors who had no clue.

Scarlet03 2013-08-10 14:59:22 -0500 Report

I'm like you. It's on both sides . Unfortunately, the discussions of medical problems was nil. Today, I'm very open with my medical history cause it can suspend the medical treatment that is needed .

linda28904 2013-08-09 18:33:32 -0500 Report

My thyroid has decided to stop working after 61.5 years..who knew?? I thought it might be from the manipulation from neck surgery back in October..who knows?
My meds have been started and increased to .75 mcgs a day. I concentrate on doing what is good for my DM . So far there hasn't been a change one way or the other, so the meds don't seem to be messing with the DM. I'm not as hungry but the hot weather decreases my appetite anyway. Will wait and see if the cold hand syndrome is better this winter on the meds. Celebrate your successes, thank God for your blessings, Keep in touch with those who support you!
You go girl!! you are a miracle!!!!!

Scarlet03 2013-08-10 00:18:24 -0500 Report

I got neck surgery this month… all I'm hoping for is to fix my discs, and not effect my thyroid. My thyroid is technically dead since I take .175 mcg of levothyoxine. All I can do is cross my fingers

coyotejohn 2013-08-09 15:48:07 -0500 Report

Hang in there! I started with 7.5 A1c 6/12/2012. Now 5.8 and 90 pounds lighter—-I've had a very easy time. ;) Keep swinging!

Scarlet03 2013-08-09 07:40:13 -0500 Report

Understood completely!!! That thyroid can be a royal pain and throw everything off. I have to adjust my dosage of levothyroxine 2x a year. Truly I don't get it either. It makes dealing with your weight and your diabetes very difficult. At times you can be completely stalled no matter what you do…
Anyways, I find that on some days everything is good and running smoothly. When things start to slow down I TRY to keep things maintained as best I can.

I wish you the best!!

correctionsnurse1 2013-08-09 12:17:01 -0500 Report

Thank you for the support and understanding. Sometimes I just get totally frustrated and feel like if I change one thing, it will make the other worse, ugghh!

Scarlet03 2013-08-09 12:29:42 -0500 Report

I have hashimoto's disease…its an automimmune(SPELLING) disorder that attacks your thyroid…I really watch how I feel some days. Especially if Im sluggish…cause it could be related to both…Blood sugar can be adjusted quickly..Thyroid is a little bit harder. When it comes to losing weight…UGH…if I can lose 4 pounds in a month Im happy…

My doctors office, are good listeners when I have an issue. Which helps alot when you just dont feel good and it isn't anything you've done. Its your thyroid or something else

Sherelle112 2013-08-09 02:51:53 -0500 Report

Trust me, I know what u mean! But don't feel discouraged or defeated bc that's when we tend to give up and revert bk to our old ways!!! Google foods that cause changes in your levels. Maybe u are eating something u didn't know was bad?? Just keep on keeping on and see what the next 3 months being!! Good luck & blessings to u!!

correctionsnurse1 2013-08-09 12:21:07 -0500 Report

I am in no way "giving up"! Diabetes does NOT have a hold on me. I have made a lifestyle change some time ago and I guess that is what is frustrating. I see my A1C improving b/c of it , but at the same time it's elevating other things. Thanks for the suggestion, but I pretty much know what makes me go up through trial and error and fingerstick after fingerstick. I am now living a "clean" lifestyle and I think I may have it pinned down. Again, ty for responding.

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