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What sweeteners is everyone using on here?
Mostly I use Splenda, but I was told its chemically changed. I'm trying to figure out agave, I just heard yesterday it wasn't good for us either.
Oh, they moved my dad to the nursing home/rehab to get him strong again, hopefully it will work.
Anyone here on FB?

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Roxannescott 2013-08-15 01:27:55 -0500 Report

Hi! Diabetic type 1 for 32 years and I gave up on all artificial sweetners a long time ago…when there was just sweet and low…too many chemicals…I have learned to live without it…I drink 0 calories seltzer and coffee and water…iced tea. You can get used to it!

Chopstix 2013-08-05 21:08:09 -0500 Report

I like using stevia. Have you heard about monk fruit? I have not had the chance to find out what stores sell it. Have heard that it tastes real good..

silvie mae
silvie mae 2013-08-04 17:21:21 -0500 Report

I use stevia in very small amounts to sweeten coffee, tea or oatmeal. I've never used it for baking although I have heard that you can. Recently I read something about side effects of stevia. Such as headaches and low blood sugars.?

Type1PastryChef 2013-08-04 02:40:50 -0500 Report

I'm a pastry chef and when I was in school we had a week of making desserts with sugar substitutes. They all have there own ways of effecting are body's. they are one of though things that are not to bad for you in small quantities. Kinda like coffee, to much can harm you. Half of them if you have to much with make you constipated. Where the other half if you intake to much will tend to give you the runs. Personally I say to stay as natural as possible. The two with most chemicals added is sweet n low and equal. Now with Splenda it also has some chemicals but is much easier on your system, due to not needing as much to make things sweet. Splenda is 2x sweeter then normal Cain sugar, but tends to have a strange after taste.

But on another note all of them are going to taste and effect each personal differently. Everyone's taste buds are different, and everyone's body is different. I myself don't tend to add sweeteners to much of anything. Also the few things I have I tend to use a small amount of raw Cain sugar, it's much better with blood sugars then white sugar you see everywhere. My best advice is keep your intake low and stay away from the pink and blue packs!

Hart4Him 2013-08-03 23:56:58 -0500 Report

Thank you both. I know for me spenda never tasted as sweet as it says so I always double the amount. Which scares me using so much of an artificial substance-couldn't be good.
Agave seems to alter the taste of my cereal in the mornings.
Stevia, I wonder if you can cook with it…hmm…

swinaz 2013-08-03 22:55:21 -0500 Report

I have tried agave but I'm not a fan of the flavor. I use Stevia in my tea and my oatmeal. I stay away from Splenda because of the aftertaste.
I am FB also.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-08-03 12:10:21 -0500 Report

I have tried the agave sweeteners but they upset my stomach. I basically use equal. I think Splenda makes coffee and tea too sweet for my taste. There has always been some kind of controversy surrounding artificial sweeteners.

I am on FB and I liked the DC page.

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