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Does anyone follow the south beach diet or do shakes or the Mediterranean diet or follow dr. Mark hyman diet I could
Use a good plan to lose weight

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Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-08-02 12:03:42 -0500 Report

Weight loss is a combination of eating properly with the right portions of food combined with an exercise regimine. I have tried a variety of diets over the years and didn't stick with any of them. I now avoid any kind of diet that is a fad, all quick weightloss supplements and I under no circumstances replace a meal for a shake. I found the South Beach Diet to be too involved for me to stay focused on and the Mediterranean Diet has a lot of foods that I cannot eat because of allergies. The Sensa program doesn't help you control portion control. You eat as much as you want and sprinkle Sensa on it. I know someone on it and she has not lost more than 10lbs on the six months she has been on it. I also don't use the plans where you buy foods from a company to eat.

Weight loss is very different for everyone and each person loses weight differently. I have found when you first start a diet you can lose weight almost every day. You go through a period where you don't lose weight or you may even gain back some pounds.

My diet plan was designed specifically for me because of my food allergies. It works well for me. I have it adjusted as necessary. Talk to a nutritionist and come up with a diet plan that will work with you and as you go along have it adjusted. No matter what you have to be able to stick with it. I stick with as much fresh fruits and veggies, meats and fish as possible. Good luck

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