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So i just got back from the Dr. i had been out of work since Oct. I was able to afford insulin without insurance for a couple of months. the stopped because i had no funds. i am back on insurance.I found out my A1C was < 14. Needless to say but i am freaked out and stressed.

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Angie Type 1
Angie Type 1 2013-08-03 07:36:14 -0500 Report

You can't do anything about the past and the A1C of 14. Just start now and try to get a better reading next time. Test often and do what your doctor has recommended. Stay positive and determined to get into better control. I've had diabetes for 23 years and have had good A1C 's and not so good…you just have to keep trying. Good Luck! If you are a T1 did you consider the insulin pump now that you have insurance? It changed my life…still takes work and discipline but worth it.