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So, I am 50 y/o and I hav enever in my life had a wart!
But, I started a new job, cashiering and I bust out with one right away…I'm not saying that it is from that, but money handling and interfacing closely with people like that can be unsanitary.

Ok, so I see commercials all my life on TV about Compound W for warts, no biggie, never gave it a second thought because I didn't have to.
I go into my local Target to purchase a box of bandages for my wart, not paying any mind to the "take caution if/ do not use if" area! until i got home then read it thoroughly.
It said do not take if you are Diabetic or have problems with blood circulation. So of course I go back and return, but since I am new at my job I do not have any health coverage, so I go talk to the pharmacist there while I am there. She said the reason is because if you wear a bandage you can cut your circulation, now I am no dummy…if i get a cut I will use a bandaid, just being careful as to not place it tightly…common sense, but i figured the package said that because of the ingredients…so doubting her answer to me I go place the product back on the shelf Nd notice the same product in a liquid drop form application vs the bandage type, i go back to her and ask her so then why does this box say the same thing? her response was its the same reason…and I said but there is no bandage involved, she got attitude and said well its the same reason, take my word or not!!!! Of course I put the product back on shelf and walked out, but before I did I put a complaint to the manager, for her attitude, rudeness and lack of knowledge or for communicating to me on a better level.

So, I turn to you my fellow diabetic patients…do you know anything good or otherwise on this issue? What can us Diabetics use for getting rid of a wart?

Thanks in advance,


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Jeanette Terry
Jeanette Terry 2013-08-01 15:27:13 -0500 Report

I have used the compound w liquid form on a wart before. It worked just fine and removed my wart and I am still alive to tell about it :)

I have seen that warning on most skin treatments that have strong ingredients. In fact a LOT of over the counter medicines in general say to consult your physician if you have diabetes. I am no professional, but I think they put it on there because people with diabetes are more prone to infection and skin problems in the first place so it is just precautionary. But like I said, I am no professional. That is just my opinion.

Nick1962 2013-07-31 18:51:20 -0500 Report

The bandage thing sounds like a crock, but his link might explain it:
After reading this, I'm not sure I'd even use it to strip paint.
I think it might just be safer to have a doctor cut it off once you get coverage. I've heard of people using apple cider vinegar, or even duct tape. I've had luck with Dr. Scholls Freeze-Away on a small one.

wineluvr1962 2013-07-31 19:07:35 -0500 Report

Hey thanks Nick, I appreciate you responding…yea I have had it for a month, so I guess I can wait a bit longer for health coverage and have a doctor look at it, I will feel safer. Meantime, I will I try the apple cider vinegar, the duct tape sounds too painful. Thanks again for your feedback.

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