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I feel horrible for everyone with diabetes but I'm overly self conscious when I tell people I'm type 2. A lot of people look at me as if I caused it on myself when I fact it's was genetic for me I am a little over weight but it's my drastic or anything. When people tell me I can fix it or not be diabetic anymore it's so annoying because they think I caused it so I can change. My biggest pet peeve is when people say hey you shouldn't eat that or hey do you think you need that right now!!! In at a point where I want to stop eating all together my diabetes has me very depressed and I already suffer from depression so it doesn't help me! Anyone have any advice or ways to over come other people!


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Grandmama16 2013-08-19 23:13:06 -0500 Report

I feel the same…I have battled depression for years anyway and this new diagnoses doesn't help. I'm 69 & am self conscious about fibromyalgia because some people don't think it's real. I'm so sorry you deal with this too regarding diabetes, but there's absolutely no reason to be self conscious about this. It's something that just happens. My sis in law is heavy and doesn't have anything except age related arthritis and diabetes runs in her family, so don't let anyone pin carrying a little more weight, as I do, on you. Believe in yourself.

nickiem 2013-08-01 09:15:20 -0500 Report

Its very tough to deal with sometimes :( I think that trying to be more educated on diabetes and a woman's body gives me more confidence. Also don't argue with ignorant people, you cannot win if they are dumb. As much as I hate it exercise helps boost my mood! Maybe when you feel depressed you can go for a short walk or run. Hope this helps, hang in there :)

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2013-07-31 16:06:12 -0500 Report

Hi Nomorestruggle,

Nice to see you!

I so often hear from people who are living with diabetes who are having similar experiences as yours. People who want to place blame, or who feel it is okay to give advice on what to eat or not to eat.

Some people are just insensitive and flat-footed. Others may be sincerely concerned about you and want to do something to be helpful, and so they give unwanted advice. They feel helpless, and are telling you what to do to make themselves feel less helpless. Loved ones can also be in denial of your diabetes. Not so helpful to you, right?

Here is a link to an article I wrote awhile back that you might find useful:

If you are also living with depression, I hope you are receiving treatment of some kind. This would be a good topic to talk to a counselor about.

As you can see, you are not alone in feeling this way. Glad you reached out for support.

Stay in touch!


JesseGrivera 2013-07-30 17:04:22 -0500 Report

Hang in there somebody always has something negative to say just keep your head up . I will keep you in my prayers.

tinkerbell54 2013-07-30 09:22:40 -0500 Report

I know people don't understand Diabetes. They always say don't eat too much sugar. But that's not it the sugar in the food. I wish at time that some people would just shut up on saying are U sure U want to eat that ? Ruth Tinkerbell54

Scarlet03 2013-07-30 08:53:28 -0500 Report

Hang in there. I'm a type 2 and get the same thing. Even after 13 years. Mine is genetic also and I've always been heavy cause of other ailments that were there before my diabetes started . What you need to remember is this. People who THINK they know about this disease will make assumptions and will come to conclusions without educating themselves . You're the only one dealing with this and I hope you are learning a good way to monitor yourself and stay HEALTHY. Coming to DC is a good way to get support from those who live with diabetes. Most of us will be non judgmental and give you comfort.

Don't give up!!! ((((Hugs))))

tinkerbell54 2013-07-30 09:05:01 -0500 Report

I love my friends in diabetic connect, here is why I have learned more from my diabetic friends the doctor. I am t1. When I don't know what it is the dr say he wants me to do or take this med I come to diabetic connect to find the answer here . I learn alot from my diabetic friends. Ruth Tinkerbell54

susiecat 2013-07-30 02:51:18 -0500 Report

I find it hard to deal with others that think you bring diabetes on yourself. Yes, I am overweight, but when I took my diabetic classes, there were others within the class that were thin. My older brother is thin and active but has triglycerides (sp?) of 300. My Dad had diabetes. I have other health issues that led to this, and yes, my overeating on top of it did not help! =) but for heavens sakes, when someone treats you like you basically brought it on yourself…grrr that makes me angry too! People are so ill informed these days and when Doctors or other health related individuals put so much emphasis on weight, it makes others think we do it to ourselves as well. I also have depression and I finally went on Cymbalta for it and it does help me a great deal. I've had a series of heartbreaking things happen in my life the past few years, which didn't help, so I gave in and starting taking this. So, I guess I don't have a lot to offer to help you, but I can help support you with understanding! =)

bbchen68 2013-07-30 02:09:03 -0500 Report

You look healthy, not obese! I am sure no one thinks you caused it but rather they think they are being helpful. Which we know they aren't so maybe just educate them and say, "I know a lot about diabetes, but thanks for your thoughts." Or you COULD say, "I know, you totally saved my life right there" and give them a big sarcastic hug! The important thing is to accept yourself, take responsibility for what you can and let the rest just melt away… It is just ignorance, not cruelty, right? I don't usually go on and on like this but I have had the same experiences. I once lost a ton of weight and thought I had beat diabetes for good but as I aged it came back…it is progressive and sometimes weight isn't the biggest factor. I am so sorry to hear you suffer from depression, that is awful. What kind of support do you have in your community? Take care and keep breathing calm and clean breaths…

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