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Hey I am new to this. I was diagnosed with type two. When I was 24. Somehow i had a good luck run with my BG until a few months back I was told that it has gotten too high an that I need to get better control of it. I have managed to get it down but it still above what it should be. An as I am trying everything I am scared for the 1st time since I was told I was a diabetic. I am a pre pregnancy an it scared me that I can or won't be able to have a child till I get it all under control.

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Its ok to be scared with having the right blood sugar and wanting to be pregnant. I hope you have good communication with your primary care and your obgyn. Ive heard of many diabetics having children, even type 1's and going to full term, but it isn't an easy road.

If you got your blood sugars to a good level, with the right balance of carbs and exercise, I would stay with that, plus test to monitor yourself. If you can, talk with a dietician and what to do when you do get pregnant.

Ive had one child only, and not able to have anymore now. I only remember, I got out and was active and improved the way I ate. Except having those EXTREME CRAVINGS of HONEY GET ME ICECREAM…I was prediabetic then, and had a good OBGYN that kept a close eye…

Good luck to you. I hope all works out.

Just Joyce
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First stop being scared. lowering blood sugar takes time and you will get it lower and back under control before you know it. I would start over from the beginning. Start a food journal and list everything you are eating include the portion size the amount of carbs and what your reading is after each meal. This will better help you see what is going on with your numbers. You could be eating the wrong amount of something or something you are eating is causing your blood sugar to rise.

If you don't exercise of if you don't exercise every day you could add more exercise. Exercise will help lower blood sugar and help you get better control. Stress can also play a role in increasing blood sugar.

Try to reduce as much stress as possible. Being scared causes stress and stress can add to the problem. When I was diagnosed, I used treats for every time my numbers were where they were suppose to be and stayed that way for a week. I bought a book I wanted, bought a new blouse or got something else I wanted to celebrate. I hope this helps, good luck to you.