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I have been a stone wall with my new lifestyle and eating habits, really sticking to things, but on the weekend i just went crazy. I ate foods i had banished from my sight, my hormones were all over the place, feeling hungry all the time when usually i am fine. I dont know what happened.
Just when I thought my apetite was curbed and i had fresh thinking about what goes into my body, my world is tipped upside down again. I am struggling, my numbers although are better then when i first began, just seem to be stuck between 260 - 300.

How long does it take to start seeing results, am i just impatient? *sigh*

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JadeyJ 2013-07-30 05:09:41 -0500 Report

Well it was an interesting day for me today, i have learnt a few more tips like what the good carbs and do as opposed to the bad carbs, simple vs complex. I feel by the end of this i am going to have some sort of degree or PHD in diabetes lol

BG started at around 12.1 (216) then after breakfast it shot up to a whopping 17.7 (306), so i need to take a good look at the foods i am having for breakfast … lunchtime pre meal BG was 10.5 (189) then afternoon 9.5(170) finally
pre dinner time 8.8 (155) and after 10 (180) just read them before bed and 8.2 (150) … so bit unsure if i should protein snack? anyones thoughts? :)

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-07-29 13:18:03 -0500 Report

Jade, I did that around the 4th of July. All of a sudden I ate everything I know I should not have and my blood sugar spiked for several days. My numbers went to 190-200 which is really high for me. I think that sometimes a person just caves in and goes with the urge. I felt like I had been locked in a food closet with every kind of food imagninable and since I couldn't get out, I started eating.

Results vary with each person so I don't think anyone can tell you how long it will take before you see them. It took me about a week of strictly eating boiled or baked foods. I also walked every morning and evening.

JadeyJ 2013-07-29 19:15:42 -0500 Report

thanks for that, least it shows me im only human lol. I do notice my BG is always higher in the mornings as to evenings, and i think im experiencing liver dumping in the night. Im going to my doctors next month so will see if my meds need adjusting, cos i feel i am mostly doing everything right, it might just be my meds are correct dose

kimfing 2013-07-30 16:16:33 -0500 Report

Hi, I was newly diagnosed in April. They thought type 2 but after blood work, have all the markers for Type 1. I am on pills and insulin.

I found my fasting (morning) readings were higher than I liked. I tried having a small snack - very low carb - before bed and it seems I have stabilized. I range between 90-117 all day long. my educator and doctor said nothing "instant" for meals. If you see instant, think instant rise in BG. I have approx. 4-10 carbs for breakfast.

Good luck. We are all human and have to "cheat" sometime otherwise we will "Cheat" all the time and not give a care.

JadeyJ 2013-07-30 17:44:42 -0500 Report

hi kimfing, yes i make everything from scratch, i was eating sultana bran and i think its a little too high in carb for me so i am going to start on oats. lunches i generall love omlettes or some kind of eggs and dinners i do enjoy stirfrys or soups.
Cutting out the bad stuff was hard at first, but now my tastes have changed and i have stopped craving most of the time.

When i did give in that weekend, i felt very hormonal and i think thats what started it, ive lost 23 kilos and hormones are bound to get abit unsetttled with all the changes to my body.

Im not scared of diabetes anymore. I think im really getting my head around it and now im doing something positive for me and hopefully a longer life span.

I hope everyone is managing and coming to grips with things in there life styles too

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-07-29 20:55:33 -0500 Report

Yes that is what it is a liver dump. I try to eat some kind of protien before bed and that helps. I also tried the fiber one bars at night before bed. That didn't work as well as a boiled egg or some chicken.

bbchen68 2013-07-29 02:31:32 -0500 Report

Graylin, great advice! Jadey, sometimes I just want a huge milkshake…affghjhg! And then I have some unsweetened almond milk with a little ovaltine. Yum!

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2013-07-28 18:53:25 -0500 Report

Sometimes we just gotta give into our urges for mental health sake. Seems to be part of the Diabetic roller coaster ride. Seems over time (in my little over 3 years experience) the going for the carb orgy gets a little more manageable. Sometimes it just seemed a familiar old routine would kick in and my mind would forget that I shouldn't have something after months of being "good" with my eating. Other times…well…I just caved in. Thank goodness tomorrow is another day, or even the next hour. So, two days after 365 isn't too bad.
It took me awhile to figure out that certain foods that everyone else in the world seem to be able to eat with no BG problems are like BG poison to me. I am stubborn and had to keep trying, testing,and trying again. For me, a lower carb to protein ratio curbs the hunger and keeps the BG at a better level.
But the biggest problem with figuring out what to do when dealing with Diabetes is we all have different reactions to food, meds, stress, exercise, etc.

JadeyJ 2013-07-28 20:56:38 -0500 Report

thanks, ive picked myself back up, given myself a lecture and today is a fresh day. Thanks for the reply