What Little Things Do You Do?

By GabbyPA Latest Reply 2013-08-29 00:49:45 -0500
Started 2013-07-28 08:07:50 -0500

There are so many big things we do for our diabetes like change our diets, our routines and our thinking about food. But there are even more little things we do. Those everyday things that help us manage our diabetes and take some of the overwhelming feelings out of the mix. These things are sometimes more important to our overall well being when we deal with our diagnosis.

Today, I read a great blog about many of these little things that help. http://www.everydayhealth.com/columns/donna-g...
She spoke about simple stuff like eating at the table and shopping wisely. She offered some exchanges and lots of great tips like portion control and focus.

What are the little things you do to keep some sanity in this battle? What little things do you do to manage your diabetes?

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Fefe12 2013-08-29 00:49:45 -0500 Report

I think I do the normal things like eat well, watch my sugars, exercise and try and remember to take my meds. I don't deny myself. If I want a piece of candy , I check the carb amount. I only eat burgers wrapped in lettuce. Ive learned to like sauces on wilted greens instead of pasta. If I want bubbles I like the sparkling waters. If I really need to drink something sweet I bought myself a tiny shot glass and use that. One shot, makes me satisfied and I didnt have a lot. I still believe in sharing. It must be working, my A1C is perfect for almost two years now.

GabbyPA 2013-07-31 05:29:47 -0500 Report

One of the little things I do is keep a routine if I can. Getting up the same time, going to bed at the same time, just trying to keep a schedule. That helps me not forget things I need to do like take my meds, prepare a meal or test my levels. If I do it close to the same time everyday, it really helps me.

_Sean 2013-07-28 23:29:09 -0500 Report

Gaining is most important. If I don't exercise I feel stressed out no matter what. It's important for type 1/2.