Sex and Diabetes

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This may be a no no subject for this site. If it is then please forgive me. I certainly don't want to get into anything yucky but I would like to make a statement that some may not have thought of before. I know Diabetes causes all sorts of problems and one of them is having normal sex. This is the statement I am going to make. You all may shoot me down and again if I shouldn't say this then please forgive me and I will delete or be deleted. As adults I hope you understand. Here goes: I learned about 3 years ago that orgasm brings your Blood sugar levels down. What was news to me may be old hat to everyone else, but might help someone else. I read someone couldn't get their levels down so I just wanted to suggest this. Am I wrong?

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2009-03-12 22:56:07 -0500 Report

I think it's an important issue, because just worrying about it can drive your sugar up! If sex was a part of normal life, and now that's stopped due to things not in your control, it's a worry. I've been diabetic for 18 years now, and I've noticed it's wheedeled it's way into our marriage bed, and that does NOT make me happy! For pete's sake, I'm only 44, this should NOT be happening to me!!!!

Lisa Ann
Lisa Ann 2009-03-12 17:56:17 -0500 Report

I don't know if its age or what, but my drive has gone way up to a point we try to get my sister to take our daughter on sat night. I work 1st shift and he works 2nd so its hard to get time during the week.

rbergman 2009-03-12 11:17:32 -0500 Report

I didn't join this site till late January, so I missed this topic and though it is sensitive I'm glad it was brought back around. I did know that it would lower your BGL just as it also burns calories. I also know from a personal standpoint that constant highs reduce the S** drive and when I am high S** is the furthest thing from my mind. I also experience the dryness and less than perfect Or***sms.
Recently when I decided that I needed to get my diabetes back on track one of the first comments my husband made was " Good maybe your S** drive will come back as well." Not those exact words but you get the idea lol, just goes to show my diabetes effects family members too and I should have taken that into consideration when I gave up on diabetes care for myself. It has only been a week of getting back on track for me, and I'm still running a bit high with the new meds but I too am anxious to see if that "drive" comes back soon! Maybe I should go shopping for the His & Hers that was mentioned earlier in this discussion lol

Headsup 2008-12-17 09:57:28 -0600 Report

You have all been sweet and supportive to the point that you can. Thank you, I appreciate it. I will delete this in the morning. I am picking my Fiance up at the airport Thursday at 3:00 PM. I live in Northeast Louisiana and he lives in Washington State. I haven't seen him since he was home for one of my granddaughters graduations in May. I'm going back with him for Jan and Feb but I'll still be checking in with y'all from there. We met online in a Christian forum chat in 2000. He hasn't been able to find a job down here YET! We are still hopeful. I love all the great information you all give on medicines and diets and much more. It seems like you all are family to me. Thanks again to everybody that has given comments and advice…Rhonda

2008-12-17 10:12:15 -0600 Report

Best of luck to you. Hope all goes well. I'm glad you were able to find a good man who cares about your feelings and what you are going thru. Mary

Richard157 2008-12-16 16:51:30 -0600 Report

I have read many discussions on this topic on other diabetes sites. Those messages were much more explicit. I know children post there too. I don't know this site very well yet so I will just leave it at that.


Lisa Ann
Lisa Ann 2008-12-16 15:30:41 -0600 Report

Very interesting. I learn something everytime I get on this site. I have to let my husband know this, not like we have a problem in this area, we have only been married 10 years. Our only problem is finding time.LOL

vgarrison 2008-12-16 14:42:59 -0600 Report

I guess it would make sense that sex would bring down your numbers…if done properlly it is a form of excersice…LOL. Hmmm I'm going to have my husband read this one…thanks


2008-12-16 21:52:58 -0600 Report

I asked my doctor once if it was considered a form of exercise and he said exactly that "If it's done properly"… LOL

Headsup 2008-12-16 14:09:22 -0600 Report

I promise all of you that my only goal in starting this was to get some opinions and maybe some help.

I was married for 28 years. We traveled and sang and ministered in various churches. The S— part of my life has always been guided by what the Bible says…that neither partner of a marriage is suppose to turn the other one down for "that". I never did. I was so shattered when my husband left. I just didn't understand what had happened. He was one that couldn't tolerate illness. Crazy!! I say all of that to explain a little about where I'm coming from. He was my first. I have met someone and I believe we can be very happy together, but I am now 56 years old. The desire for s— is not what it is suppose to be and I want to make this marriage work until I die. Diabetes has changed everything. I also take medicine for High Blood Pressure, pain and some others. Diabetes changes s— desire and I have heard that blood pressure meds do too. I know there are books out for everything but sometimes we can learn more from a discussion like this , from others experiences. Again, if you can't do this and still have some info, you can email me personally. We shouldn't have to give up what is suppose to be a very important part of a marriage. After all if there is no s—, then why not just live together.

highlandcitygirl 2008-12-16 14:23:04 -0600 Report

yeah, that's what me and my husband are doing, "living together"

Lanore 2008-12-17 08:37:40 -0600 Report

Hi Headsup, I am also in my 50's, I have been married to the same man for 31 yrs now…I am the one with the most health problems(B/S;HBP) but my hubby does have mild H.B.P. I do understand where you are coming from and there are alot of things out there to help with certain problems as one said. KY. So far it has not causeed any trouble as far as s** is concerned. We are a christain couple as well and follow what it says in the bible as well. I think if it is an issue I would talk to my Dr and see what he or she has to say. Take care. Lanore ;-)

Headsup 2008-12-17 09:38:42 -0600 Report

Thank you for your comment Lanore. There seems to be an un-ending list of suggestions, from the worlds point of view, including watching Porn. I can't do that but it is also hard for me to talk to my doctor. Maybe I should look up Christian Councelor books on this subject after all. I'm not dead inside just scared about a new relationship. I love this man so very much. He is a Christian too. He is very understanding about my health problems but I also know that men want to be able to satisfy their woman. Anyway I think this is much more serious than others may feel that have been in long relationships and just don't have the same problem. I appreciate your candor. Thanks…Rhonda

2008-12-16 13:50:04 -0600 Report

Learn something new every day. Too bad I'm divorced and not dating anyone!!!! LOL I know the topic isn't meant to be funny and it isn't. I am just joking about my own situation.

Headsup 2008-12-16 14:25:23 -0600 Report

Actually I think there is humor in everything. In fact I'm sure there are some very funny jokes and wise cracks that have been thought about since reading these replys. Unfortunately there are probably relationships that have been destroyed because of the after effects of illness. So laugh when you can. It doesn't bother me.

2008-12-16 16:49:04 -0600 Report

Thank you for your comments. I have (like many others) so many medical problems other than diabeties, that I get really down. So, I do my best to find the humor where I can.

Anonymous 2008-12-16 13:31:27 -0600 Report

Ok let me get this straight. Are you saying that having s— will bring our blood sugar levels down? Well do not tell my husband that. LOL Anyway, because of alot of other problems my s— life is not what it should be. But I do know that being diabetic there is dryness and blood vessels have lost a degree of org——. But we have found a great thing to use, and I am sure you all have seen the commercials for the His and Her KY. It is amazing what it can do if you all get my meaning. Was that discreet enough for this topic??

Headsup 2008-12-16 13:44:53 -0600 Report

Thank you Anonymous. I think it was perfect and may be the way to handle this. I think it is VERY important. As all of us adults know, S— is a very important part of life. I believe God made it that way. It is the way for couples to stay close to one another. If we can camouflage our words maybe we can gather enough information that would help someone including me.

Richard157 2008-12-16 08:48:34 -0600 Report

"Sex and Diabetes" is also the title of a book written by my friend Janis Roszler. She has written three books on diabetes. You will find good information in her book on this subject. You can review/order her books on She is a very good author and has her own diabetes site.

GabbyPA 2008-12-16 08:31:13 -0600 Report

We need to use caution on posts like this, as children are using this sight also. You may want to reword some of it.

Headsup 2008-12-16 13:25:04 -0600 Report

Sorry Gabby or anyone else I may have offended. I had NO idea children were allowed here. I guess I just didn't think they would be interested and I also thought this site was goverened by someone.

kdroberts 2008-12-16 13:34:03 -0600 Report

My personal opinion on this type of stuff is that you should not worry. The topic is not a bad one, there is much, much worse things out there and children who this type of subject may not be appropriate for should have parental monitoring anyway.

This is not aimed at anyone but is a reflection of life in general. Too many people want to take away personal responsibility in favor of censorship. In rare cases that's OK but overall it causes more harm than good. A prime example is the knowledge and understanding breast cancer has got in the general population over the last decade. Not that I was alive then but go back 50 years or so and most of the things to do with that subject today would likely be taboo. How many lives have been saved by overcoming embarrassment and taboos to get the message out there?

GabbyPA 2008-12-16 13:43:11 -0600 Report

Not offended, just cautioned. There are several kids that use the site, as most type 1 diabetics start as we just have to be careful.

mike67 2009-03-11 23:13:56 -0500 Report

i have found that when my blood glucose levels are very high ,i have trouble maintaining an erection. that is when my levels are above 280 or greater.some diabetics have loss nerve damage and find it difficult to gain stimulation before intimacy.with women lubrication is often difficult to maintain during intimacy.

Lanore 2008-12-16 08:26:41 -0600 Report

As of yet my hubby & I have not had a problem in this area of our life. I have been diabetic for over 20 yrs, but it is true that sex will bring down yuor numbers. Somewhere I read that. Lanore ;-)

lilbuddy 2008-12-16 04:39:24 -0600 Report

I've forgot what the meaning of sex is. Since I've contacted type #1, sex has been deleted from my life.

Headsup 2008-12-16 04:12:34 -0600 Report

This showed up as 9:34 AM but I wrote it about 3:30 to 4 AM in the morning on the 16th.

GabbyPA 2008-12-16 08:59:07 -0600 Report

Yeah, for some reason the times on things are a little goofy. If you want to let John Crowley know, he can look into it.

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