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Hi All.
I am so happy I "found" you; what an incredibly supportive and knowledgeable group you are!

I was diagnosed Type 1 some time ago (spring of 1988 ~ toward the end of my college years). Strangely(?), coincidentally(?), blessedly(?) . . . . . . I was diagnosed AFTER spending my college summers volunteering at a Florida camp for children and youth with diabetes. Prior to that time, I knew absolutely nothing about diabetes. While very angry at diagnosis, the technical side of the camp training I received definitely prepared me for what was to come. Even still, I have (and continue) many ups and downs as I'm sure you experience as well.

My current concerns:
* very poor control; most recent HbA1c (7/2/2013) was an 8.6 (my worst ever);
* extreme fatigue (worse than usual); and,
* weight loss without any obvious cause (currently weigh 93 lbs. at 5'3"). I eat throughout the day with 0 lbs. gained in months. I actually lost 2 lbs. from my previous weight of 95 several months ago. I'd like, at the very least, to reach 100 to 105 lbs. but do not know what else to do. My weight embarrasses me ~ esp. my sunken cheeks and it's cosmetic aging effect (a little vain, I know). My cardiologist (yes, I had a heart attack Dec. 27, 2010) said I must gain at least 5 lbs. by Aug. 2nd ~ the day of my annual nuclear stress test. I do not see that happening and fear "failing" the test. Last year, I did so well that my doctor said you couldn't even tell I'd had a heart attack!

Important to note:
1. Thyroid hormone is fine ~ on Synthroid due to thyroidectomy in 1984. I had Graves disease/hyperthyroidism.
2. Additional bloodwork to be drawn within the next week. My mother was diagnosed within the last year or so with Waldenstroms Macroglobulinemia ~ a rare lymphoma that is linked to the maternal side of my family. I worry about my mother and now me. My father, a retired hematologist and oncologist, feels my symptoms (while apparently common for many ailments) could be signs of WM.
3. I have been on an insulin pump for approximately 17 years.

I know my post is l - o - n - g, esp. for an introduction, but I am hoping to:
1. make new friends, and
2. get tips, "tricks," advice, etc. on gaining weight while getting a better handle on my A1c and reducing my level of fatigue.

Thank you for "listening."

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Type1Lou 2013-07-27 18:13:02 -0500 Report

When your blood sugars are high, you will feel tired. The fact that you are losing weight or are unable to gain weight means that your body isn't converting the food you are eating to usable energy and, as a result, causing sugars to spill into your blood. Have your carb to insulin ratios in your pump been re-adjusted? What about your basal levels of insulin? Sounds like you may need more insulin than you are now getting. I've been a Type 1 for 37 years but only started using a pump 2 years ago. I love the pump but have had to re-adjust the carb to insulin ratios several times and feel that my midnight to 3AM basal level may be too low. I have 5 different basal rates and 3 different bolus ratios depending upon time of day. Also, you might want to ask about your insulin sensitivity factor. As we age, our metabolism changes and all of these settings may require adjustment. Welcome to DC and hoping you find the answers you need!