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Im new, I was diagnosed about 15 years ago, and thought I was invincible I guess. Maybe I was in denial. Well I aways was addicted to sweets, ever since grade school. I've always was pleasantly plump(not so pleasant)
I'm 52 and obese, with neuropathy, in my back, hips, hands and legs. Painful to the touch. Some days I'm not bothered other days I just want to die.
My whole family-parents and siblings have diabetes. Granny had her leg amputated,and eventually died, a cousin had a toe removed and he died.
I don't seem to be that bad, count my blessings!
My husband was just told his diabetes took a third of his kidneys. He had open heart surgery Jan. 2012. I'm not sure if their we're any relation or not. Having trouble stabilizing his sugar. He's on insulin, and pills, but it goes up and down. Glad to be here.

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Teresa Rose
Teresa Rose 2013-07-26 21:17:56 -0500 Report

I definitely know how you feel, especially about the sweets! I keep a large dark chocolate candy bar & I break it up into the little squares. When I crave sweets I have 1 square of the dark chocolate & it helps a lot! Praying for you! My uncle lost both legs from his diabetes & an arm before he passed away.

Harlen 2013-07-25 20:27:03 -0500 Report

For me to stop the sweets that I was craving I started to vape is gives me the sweet I need without the carbs .lots of flavors to pick .
If you need more info email me
Best wishes