Stress and eating the right foods

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Right now I am feeling a lot of stress - uncertainty and fear for both myself and my son. My son has just been admitted to a hospital for persistent depression. He hasn't been taking care of himself and he has AIDS. This is not the first time and it can get rough.
I had a mammogram yesterday and today got a call to come back in for further evaluation. This has never happened before and I am scared. I have no family to rely on and am feeling very much alone.
Now I either don't want to eat or I just want sweets and junk to fill me up. I've been diabetic many years and take insulin. I know better but just don't care, everything else is just too much and eating conscientiously is too much work and brings no pleasure.
Do any of you feel and act this way when you are under a lot of stress? I would really like to hear from you so I can get a grip on this. I don't need my blood sugars going crazy while the rest of my life is. I'm just so tired and spending a lot of energy on my diet just isn't in me right now.

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Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-07-24 21:33:51 -0500 Report

I actually got rid of a lot of my stress. I know that stress can do you a lot of harm because as you said, it can make you get to the point where you simply just don't care. The best way for me to handle stress is by knowing that if something is not in my control, I don't worry about it. In other words, I am not in control of the economy, other people and I don't take on other peoples problems as though they are my own.

The first time I had to go back for a mamagram evaluation, I almost had to check myself into a mental hospital. I had decided that I had cancer and would not have the strength to fight it. Turned out they just needed to do another mamagram because they didn't know for sure whether what they were looking at was on me or the machine. Turned out there was a shadow from the gown getting caught in the mamagram. Don't know what they didn't see that when they did it.

No matter what, you have got to take care of yourself. Don't stress over the mamagram, wait to see what the problem really is. I know that is easier said then done. Take a step back from everything. Your son is in the hospital getting the care he needs. Focus on you for a few days. Be selfish and try to do things just for you, this will help you feel better.

Having suffered with depression for years, I know that can be hard on a person. The one thing I learned in group therapy is that if you are stressed or feeling depressed is to take 20 mins. out of your day and do something for you and no one else. Good luck to you.

lanykins 2013-07-25 10:14:09 -0500 Report

Just Joyce, thank you for your beautiful response. You are so right, I need to take good care of myself right now. Until tomorrow I have no idea what the problem is, they just said it looked "different". I am glad my son is getting the care he needs. I have suffered from depression all my life and know what it can do to you. He also has AIDS and was on the "brink" of death for 2 weeks. At least this isn't so bad. He just isolates and hasn't spoken to me since Mother's Day but he did call me to tell me he was going to the hospital and I was able to tell him how much I loved him.
I am a big believer in prayer and have been praying a lot for my son. I now need to turn to God in prayer for myself. I know He listens and has worked miracles in the past so today I will be spending time with Him. I was supposed to go to the beach with people I live with but am too overwhelmed to do that today. But I won't spend the day worrying myself sick.
I have no family for 3,000 miles, except for my son, how I wish I had one of them to be near me right now. Being alone makes things seem so much harder sometimes. I am almost 65 yrs. old but you never seem to grow out of that need.
Your message has helped me a lot today and I thank you so very much. You shared your experience with me and encouraged me. I do feel now that I have someone with me who knows what I'm going through and how it makes you feel. I can't remember but are we friends here on DC? I'll check and, if not, would love to be your friend. Take good care and I will be in touch.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-07-25 11:16:19 -0500 Report

lanykins thankfully my family is a 30 min drive to one of the counties. We have one uncle and aunt left and the rest is all cousins. We communicate by phone and facebook and visits. This is mainly the first cousins because we are now the "older" people in the family.

Loneliness can be a two-fold problem. Are you lonely because you choose to be or are you lonely because you don't have friends? You can communicate with your family via letters, email, facebook or phone. Have you considered moving to be closer to your family?

If you are lonely because you don't have many friends, get involved in things that will allow you to meet new people and make friends. Volunteering, going to a senior center if one is near you or simply doing things you like to do will tend to cause you to meet all kinds of people.

One of the advantages I had growing up was cousins close by. My grandmothers house is across the road from a state park and one mile from the Chesapeake Bay. We spent a lot of time on the beach as teenagers. We didn't have to pay to go to the park because the Park Manager lived on our road and he knew all of us. None of my friends in the city had this advantage. I would go to the beach and lay on the sand looking at the water and think about everything. When my mom taught me to fish and crab, I did the same thing from the boat or on the pier. Dad taught us how to use his tools and fix things.

My uncle bought a gas station and one day I walked down the road to get an ice cream cone and he was swamped with customers. He asked me to pump gas for him. I was like duh how do you do that. He taught me. Because it was the first gas station you reached crossing the bridge and because it was always busy, I used that to my advantage. I got to meet people from all over the country traveling through our state as well as a few people from other countries. I learned a lot from people I met.

You don't have to feel or be lonely unless you choose to be. You can't limit yourself to a certain few people or doing certain things. You have to get out and meet people who enjoy what you enjoy. Be adventurous and try new things and you will find out thay you will and can have limitless fun.