Diabetes and Cholesterol!

Trouble Breathing 49
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I recently did a blood test for sugar/ insulin and My Doctor told me I failed the blood level sugar test again as well as now have a spiked Triglycerin count. Is Cholesteral related to Tryglycerins? Would a high sugar count cause Tryglycerins & Cholesteral to rise also? Am I saying & spelling the key words correctly? I'm kind of new & lost! Tom

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lemkedoris@yahoo.com 2013-08-27 20:39:32 -0500 Report

Hi there I just got told same thing about my blood work I will find out Friday when I go back,i got a nurse to get me some insulin's both night and fast acting to bring my levels down getting them Friday i'll ask her if that's why we are having high trighlycerin levels I have to take cholesterol med's again

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